Liquid launches portfolio and risk simulation for emerging hedge fund managers

Liquid Holdings Group has launched a new "simulator" programme that allows emerging hedge fund managers to beta test their strategies on the Liquid OERMS platform.

In Liquid's new corporate headquarters in midtown Manhattan, the client service centre was built in part to provide emerging hedge funds with an opportunity to test drive their investment strategies on the Liquid platform.
The programme was initiated to help fund managers who are registering or launching to simulate portfolio management tasks in today's market on Liquid's institutional-quality order, execution and risk management platform.
Powered by the cloud, managers would see and actively manage their global equities, futures, options and FX strategies in a real-time environment using the same system that established fund managers rely on.
"The three most important decisions a new hedge fund manager needs to make are selecting a prime broker, a fund administrator, and the technology infrastructure and controls to support their fund strategy – and that's where Liquid comes into the equation," says Brian Storms, CEO of Liquid. "We are offering managers the ability to upload their portfolios and test the power of the Liquid platform. Our solution specialists can walk them through best practices across trading and risk management, while simulating how their strategy would have performed in a live trading environment as well as over the last six months."
In addition, managers can test the full power of the Liquid platform including “what-if” position modifications to study the real-time impact trades have on performance, P&L and risk for entire portfolios as well as single instruments. Upon completion of the simulation, managers leave with a two-month trial account.

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