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Stratigis launches Theta Alternative Income Fund

Stratigis Capital Advisors has launched the Theta Alternative Income Fund.

The fund is the result of a strategic partnership with portfolio manager Eden Rahim and Michael Bird.
The Theta Alternative Income Fund provides investors with unique exposure to alternative yield solutions. The fund will manage a portfolio of specific finite-risk strategies to provide returns primarily from the listed index and ETF option markets. The fund is agnostic to market direction and does not use leverage.
"The Theta Alternative Income Fund addresses an important need to deliver absolute uncorrelated performance with low volatility and a favourable risk/return profile," says Rahim. "This outcome is achieved by combining proven option strategies, requiring specialised skillsets and executed by managers with decades of experience."
Rahim was most recently portfolio manager and options strategist on 13 globally listed covered call ETFs and responsible for management of one of the largest option books in Canada. Those ETF products were based on his dynamic buy-write discipline developed across institutional accounts since 1994 to systematically capture income from option markets.
"The aim of the fund is not to express a market view or try to out-guess market direction, but to begin with the assumption that markets will always move with uncertainty, whether up or down, fast or slow," says Rahim.
After a 30 year bull market in bonds, fixed-income and high-yield investors are confronted with price and credit risk in pursuit of yield. The Theta Alternative Income Fund was created as an opportunity for investors to diversify through absolute return strategies.

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