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Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index up 1.19 per cent in December

The Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index finished up 1.19 per cent for the month of December, with nine of the ten sub-strategies in positive territory.

Long/Short equity led the way with a return of 1.80 per cent, followed by Multi-Strategy (1.63 per cent), Event-Driven (1.61 per cent) and Equity Market Neutral (1.30 per cent).
Dedicated Short Bias was the only sub-strategy to end the month in negative territory recording a return of -0.77 per cent.
Performance for index and its 10 sub-strategies is calculated monthly.
The following funds were dropped from the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index in December: WG Trading Company, GLG Ore Hill Hub Fund, Aviva Investors Alternative Funds PCC G7 Fixed Income, and Martin Currie Absolute Return Global Resources Fund Partnership.
There were no funds added to the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index in December.

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