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Kepos Capital selects MSCI for Open Protocol reporting

Fri, 24/01/2014 - 13:08

Kepos Capital has selected MSCI for Open Protocol reporting, an industry wide risk reporting initiative.

MSCI will generate the Open Protocol reports by leveraging Kepos Capital's participation on HedgePlatform, MSCI's hedge fund transparency tool which covers over 1,400 hedge funds, including over 80 of the top 100 global funds.
Matt DesChamps, a founding partner and chief operating officer of Kepos Capital, says: "Having used MSCI's historical data and market-leading risk analytics tool, RiskManager, to assist us in our daily portfolio risk analysis and reporting since our inception, we believe their Open Protocol offering to be the most seamless and cost efficient approach to complete the required templates. Having the data flow directly from HedgePlatform to the Open Protocol templates gives us a higher degree of confidence in the accuracy and consistency of the reports, which is especially important given the complexity of our strategy."
Developed by a working group drawn from a broad range of industry, Open Protocol is a detailed and publicly defined template by which hedge fund managers can convey various forms of risk information to their investors.
"Tightening regulation coupled with greater transparency requirements from hedge fund investors has led to significant industry demand for consistent reporting and more sophisticated tools to address risk," says Ron Papanek, head of the RiskMetrics alternative investments business at MSCI. "The combination of Open Protocol reporting with access to a database of over 1,400 positions based hedge fund portfolios via HedgePlatform will provide Kepos' clients with an additional level of transparency."

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