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Euronext launches single stock futures

Euronext has launched an enlarged suite of single stock futures on a range of its most liquid Euronext listed stocks. 

The launch enhances the existing offering of individual equity options, index futures and options. 
This initiative will offer market participants a broader choice of marketplaces for single stock futures and will provide the trading community with significant efficiencies through the combination of Euronext’s trading engine UTP, and clearing of resulting trades through LCH Clearnet, the European central counterparty. 
It is envisaged that the initial offer of 86 single stock futures will be expanded over time to meet growing client demand for these products.
Lee Hodgkinson, head of Euronext’s markets and global sales teams, says: “This is the first of several new growth initiatives we are rolling out across the Euronext equity derivatives sector, to broaden the range of products we offer to our diverse client base.  We are pleased to be able to provide our clients access to this extended range of single stock futures and to deliver increased choice and the flexibility of our wholesale services.  Clearing and capital efficiencies are becoming increasingly important for our clients and the ability to clear single stock futures in the same clearing house as the domestic equity option contracts will provide significant benefits for them.”

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