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ALTIN discloses entire hedge fund portfolio

ALTIN, the Swiss alternative investment company listed on the London and Swiss stock exchanges, has disclosed its entire hedge fund portfolio holdings as part of its policy of full transparency to investors.

The portfolio, featuring more than 40 underlying hedge funds and representing over 10 investment strategies, has a NAV performance of +202.11 per cent since its inception in December 1996.
After the 24.65 per cent share price appreciation in 2013, the positive share price trend has continued in 2014, with ALTIN shares rising by a further eight per cent during the first half of the year.
The share price discount to NAV has fallen significantly since the beginning of 2014, reducing from 24.4 per cent to 20.6 per cent.
The portfolio remains sufficiently liquid, with 63.1 per cent of assets invested in funds with monthly or better liquidity, allowing the manager to make allocation shifts when deemed necessary.
Portfolio as at 1 July 2014:
Global Macro Strategy 19.93 per cent
ABD Managers plc Tactical Discretionary Macro UCITS Fund 2.25 per cent
CCP Quantitative Fund ARISTARCHUS 1.48 per cent
Civic Capital Currency Offshore Fund Ltd 1.76 per cent
Fortress Macro Fund Ltd 2.67 per cent
Merrill Lynch Investment Solutions - Fulcrum Alpha Macro UCITS 1.85 per cent
Stone Milliner Macro Fund Inc 1.91 per cent
The Tudor BVI Global Fund Ltd 3.58 per cent
Two Sigma Compass Enhanced Cayman Fund Ltd 4.43 per cent
Commodity Trading Strategy 7.23 per cent
Atreaus Overseas Fund Ltd 1.34 per cent
Cumulus Energy Fund 1.89 per cent
Goldfinch Capital Management Offshore Ltd 1.97 per cent
Old Hickory Trading Partners Ltd 2.03 per cent
Managed Futures Strategy 2.12 per cent
Quantica Managed Futures Fund Inc 2.12 per cent
Equity Long/Short Strategy 18.01 per cent
Clearline Capital Partners Offshore Ltd 3.14 per cent
Coatue Offshore Fund Ltd 5.06 per cent
DB Platinum Ivory Optimal Fund 1.64 per cent
Perceptive Life Sciences Offshore Fund Ltd 2.33 per cent
Verrazzano European Focus Fund PLC 3.46 per cent
Zeal China Fund Limited 2.38 per cent
Equity Long Bias Strategy 8.96 per cent
Arrow Offshore Ltd 3.26 per cent
Golden China Fund 2.79 per cent
NPJ Global Opportunities Fund 2.91 per cent
Event-Driven Strategy 29.35 per cent
Aristeia International Ltd 4.04 per cent
Jana Nirvana Offshore Fund Ltd 5.55 per cent
LLSOF LP 3.99 per cent
Merrill Lynch Investment Solutions - Castlerigg Equity Event and Arbitrage UCITS Fund 1.53 per cent
Marathon Special Opportunity Fund Ltd 5.79 per cent
Paulson Enhanced Ltd 2.99 per cent
York European Focus Unit Trust 5.46 per cent
Credit Long/Short Strategy 3.88 per cent
Claren Road Credit Fund Ltd 2.47 per cent
PAMLI Global Credit Strategies Offshore Ltd 1.41 per cent
Equity Market Neutral Strategy 11.30 per cent
Atlas Enhanced Fund Ltd 3.26 per cent
Tradeworx Ultra Select Offshore Fund Ltd 0.99 per cent
Two Sigma Absolute Return Enhanced Cayman Fund Ltd 2.31 per cent
ZP Offshore Utility Fund Ltd 4.74 per cent
Interest Rate Strategy 3.90 per cent
Providence MBS Fund Ltd 3.90 per cent
Volatility Strategies 1.96 per cent
Capstone Vol Offshore Ltd 1.96 per cent
Protection Strategies 1.04 per cent
Conquest Macro Fund Ltd 1.04 per cent
Multi-Strategy Funds 13.39 per cent
Citadel Kensington Global Strategies Fund Ltd 4.99 per cent
Millennium International 3.55 per cent
Stratus Feeder Ltd 2.84 per cent
Visium Global Offshore Fund Ltd 2.01 per cent
Private Equity 0.21 per cent
Cerberus Asia Partners LP 0.21 per cent

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