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London : Events and Training

Yale SOM - EDHEC-Risk Multi-Asset Products and Solutions Seminar

Tue, 02/06/2015 (All day)

UK, London, 2-3 June
The focus of the course, led by two renowned experts, is to to serve as an in-depth introduction to a fast developing field focusing on helping investors achieve their desired outcomes with a multi-asset approach, combining asset allocation, manager selection and dynamic portfolio management techniques.The course will be conducted by Professor James J. Choi, from Yale School of Management and Professor Nikolaos Tessaromatis from EDHEC Business School.

Yale SOM - EDHEC-Risk Multi-Asset Products and Solutions Seminar

Yale SOM - EDHEC-Risk

The focus of the course, led by two renowned experts, is to to serve as an in-depth introduction to a fast developing field focusing on helping investors achieve their desired outcomes with a multi-asset approach, combining asset allocation, manager selection and dynamic portfolio management techniques.The course will be conducted by Professor James J. Choi, from Yale School of Management and Professor Nikolaos Tessaromatis from EDHEC Business School.
The first day of the seminar will survey the evidence on return predictability that is relevant for investors engaging in tactical asset allocation. The seminar will begin with a discussion about the predictability of broad asset class returns, particularly equity and fixed income market returns. It will include a discussion about predictability of returns of sectors and styles within the equity market. Finally, should one choose to implement one’s asset allocation strategy using active mutual fund managers, the first day of the seminar will present the methodologies used for identifying the managers who are most likely to outperform in the future. The second day of the seminar will dig further into how to use this reported evidence of predictability in asset, style and factor returns to build a process that can be used to perform active asset allocation decisions. It will discuss the models, techniques and applications of tactical asset allocation strategies, but also the practical implementation challenges associated with this process.

FundForum Africa 2015

Mon, 22/06/2015 (All day)

The Inaugural FundForum Africa will bring together fund managers focusing on, or located in, the African continent together with potential investors to discuss the opportunity of investing in Africa, benchmarking different approaches to access the growth story and unlocking the real investment promise on the African continent. Speakers include:
Paul-Harry Aithnard, Group Head, Asset Management, ECOBANK CAPITAL
Bex Nwawudu, Managing Partner, CBO INVESTMENT

Selling Funds into Europe post-AIFMD

Wed, 29/04/2015 (All day)

Providing you with the latest around the post-transition AIFMD environment, depository liabilities and risk requirements, managers and experts will share the latest successfully strategies for marketing in Europe.

The Bloomberg Hedge Fund Start-Up Conference 2015

Thu, 05/03/2015 (All day)

Starting your own hedge fund is a complex process and, as success rates for new funds in 2014 proved, one that is rewarded by rigorous preparation and research.

We're gathering industry experts from across the keystones of a successful hedge fund, including compliance, seeding, prime brokerage and more, to help ensure your new fund has the very best chance of success.

Please click here to view the full agenda, speaker bios and to access the registration page.

Private Debt Investor Forum 2015

Tue, 24/03/2015 (All day)

Private Debt Investor Forum 2014 was a great success, with over 100 key industry players gathered in London to address the current market and future outlook for investing in private debt instruments. 

Now in our 5th successful year, the Private Debt Investor Forum programme is being shaped for 2015, and it promises once again to provide you with compelling data and debate on the critical issues facing the industry. 

Hedge Fund Startup Forum London 2015

Wed, 06/05/2015 (All day)

Designed with the aid of hedge fund industry veterans, this event has been put together to provide those looking to start a Hedge Fund with an in depth guide to setting up a fund and gaining investment.

200+ attendees, great networking opportunities and the chance to hear directly from successful Startups are just some of the many reasons you simply can’t afford to miss out.

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HFA Investor Outlook: What the European Elections Mean for the Markets

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:30

Brown Rudnick
8 Clifford St
London W1S 2LQ

6:30-6:45pm Registration
6:45-7:30pm Panel Discussion
7:30-9:00pm Networking Reception

2015 has been dubbed the year of European elections. In addition to the U.K., which holds general elections in May, more than a dozen of its continental neighbours are set to go to the polls in the coming months. What do these elections mean for the economy, both here and abroad? How will different outcomes affect European trade? Is the European Union at risk of collapse? What should investors be wary of? And what opportunities await? Our distinguished speakers will tackle these questions and more.

The 11th Annual London Business School Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

Fri, 06/03/2015 (All day)

This year’s conference theme, “Where To From Here? Generating Sustainable Value in a World of Low Interest Rates, Increased Competition and Sky-High Valuations” seeks to explore the strategies industry players are using to stay competitive, create value and generate returns in the evolving investment landscape.

With stock markets remaining buoyant in the wake of unconventional monetary policy, a resurgence in corporate confidence and M&A, dry powder and distributions at record levels, and increased competition from traditionally passive investors, how do private equity and venture capital firms identify investments, put capital to work and create sustainable value for investors?

Yale SOM - EDHEC-Risk Commodities & Hedge Funds Seminar

Yale SOM - EDHEC-Risk

The focus of the course, led by two renowned experts, is to give deeper insight into the asset classes of commodities and hedge funds, which are of significant interest to institutional investors. The course will be conducted by Professor K. Geert Rouwenhorst, from Yale School of Management and François-Serge Lhabitant from EDHEC Business School.

CLOs and Leveraged Loans Forum

Wed, 29/04/2015 (All day)

C5’s is pleased to announce its CLOs and Leveraged Loans Conference. 

This advanced event is specifically tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of investors, issuers and arrangers enabling you to:

Deliver compelling returns at the time of enhanced and fast evolving regulatory scrutiny
Understand which sectors of the market offer better relative value in the current environment
Benchmark your portfolio returns against the best performing CLO funds
Develop best strategies around formation and monetising retention-compliant structures
Navigate the legal minefield that surrounds CLO and leveraged loan products and transactions
Capitalise on the growing direct lending opportunities created in midmarket corporate lending space

Family Office Forum London

Tue, 15/09/2015 (All day)

The Family Office Forum London is the meeting of genuine* Family Offices based in England.
The Family Office Forum London, 15 – 16 September 2015 has a simple formula:
More Family Officers and Principals than solution providers on stage.
More Family Officers and Principals than solution providers in the audience.
Expect 100+ Family Offices, Principals and CIOs attending.
No product presentations or specific pitches - topics covered are key issues of Principals and Family Offices based in England, such as Allocation, Family Governance, Operations or Tools.

International Payments

Eureka Financial

This practical 2 day course has been tailored for banking professionals who have some experience in domestic payments and want to expand their knowledge of international payments. You will explore the key principles, concepts, practices and current developments in the international payments.

You will have a chance to learn about the principles of foreign exchange and currency, high-value global payments, purpose and role of SWIFT and CLS, global clearing and settlement mechanisms as well as about liquidity management, international trade facilitation, risk management, and legal and regulatory issues.
Who should attend?

This course will be of special interest to payment professionals with some experience who wish to expand their knowledge base and advance their careers into the global payments arena.


Eureka Financial

This practical one day course is designed to provide an insight into the area of UCITS, showing how funds may select eligible assets and demonstrate how these instruments may be employed to achieve different investment objectives.
You will learn about the main characteristics of UCITS, their structure and objectives as well as about the key risk and performance indicators. Setting up funds in different jurisdictions and organising fund management and oversight will be discussed in detail. 
You will learn about the regulatory reporting requirements, fund authorisation and distribution process as well as about organising effective governance and compliance monitoring structures.

International Securities Settlements & Custodial Services

Eureka Financial

This training program is designed to provide delegates with practical knowledge about the key concepts, systems, processes and procedures in international securities settlement and custodial services as well as operational risks involved. Participants will have a chance to gain skills necessary to facilitate day-to-day transactions and communication processes between all parties involved.

The Repo Market

Eureka Financial

This 1 day course is designed for delegates who are either new to the business of bond repurchase agreements (repos) or want to refresh their knowledge. You will learn how repos are priced, settled and why they are transacted by different participants in the market, including pension funds, hedge funds, market makers and derivatives users.  You will also learn about bonds and key money market operations.
You will have a chance to explore applications of repos for risk management, speculation and arbitrage purposes with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the bond repo market and derivatives such as swaps and exchange traded bond futures.  

FATCA Compliance

Eureka Financial

This practical 1-day course will provide participants with a sound understanding of FATCA. The programme gives an overview of the technical requirements and implementation strategies as well as the detailed analysis of all the necessary internal controls and certification considerations.

Investment Performance Measurement

Eureka Financial

This practical two day training run by a former senior banker has been designed for anyone who needs to understand the fundamentals of measuring investment performance. 
The course explores all aspects of performance measurement including the calculation of returns, impact of different benchmarks and adjusting performance for risk taken. Through the analysis of the best current industry practice you will learn how to set up, maintain and improve performance measurement systems within your organisation.
You will also have a chance to learn about the evolution of the asset and wealth management industries including the latest industry trends as well as some of the findings from behavioural finance.

Managing Family Office & Wealth

Eureka Financial

This 2 day practical programme for family office representatives and wealth managers explores the best strategies for preserving family wealth and managing a modern family office.
You will have a chance to explore the family governance mechanisms, intergenerational wealth transfer, managing complexities of international wealth mobility and succession planning. You will also learn about the operational setting and asset allocation, cost and risk management, tax advisory and philanthropy.
Run by an expert in family office and services for high net worth clients this course focuses on the latest market trends and effective wealth preservation strategies.

EDHEC-Risk Days Europe 2015

Tue, 24/03/2015 (All day)

Organised by an academic research centre for the benefit of professionals, the EDHEC-Risk Days conference is an annual event taking place in London, which presents the research conducted by EDHEC-Risk Institute and discusses findings with the institutional investment and fund manager communities.

The conference enables participants to have access to the latest conceptual advances and research results in investment and risk management and to discuss their implications and applications with researchers who combine expertise of advanced financial techniques with a sound awareness of their industry relevance.
The event is structured to appeal to institutional investors, traditional and alternative investment managers and policymakers.

European CLO Investor Forum 2015

Wed, 25/02/2015 (All day)

With CLO pipelines bulging on both sides of the Atlantic, managers continue to launch new CLOs, with many more due to be structured throughout 2015.

At a Global Level:
• 2014 YTD issuance has reached a staggering $101.5bn
• This puts 2014 on course for an all-time record

At a European Level:

The Future of Fund Management

Tue, 10/03/2015 (All day)

Now in its 16th year, The Future of Fund Management is the event to attend to gain insights and understanding into the changing world of investment management.

London School of Economics Alternative Investments Conference 2015

Mon, 19/01/2015 (All day)

We are delighted to introduce the 9th edition of the London School of Economics SU Alternative Investments Conference (AIC), the world’s largest student run conference on hedge funds and private equity.

Deluge or Drought in Liquidity Markets? How Regulations Are Transforming Collateral Management

Fri, 06/02/2015 (All day)

Patrick Pearson, Head of Financial Markets Infrastructure, Directorate General Internal Market Services at the European Commission, will be delivering the keynote address at this highly topical conference, which will examine how new regulations are transforming collateral management.

TSAM Europe

Tue, 17/03/2015 (All day)

When: 17 March 2015
Time: 09:00 - 17.30 (networking party afterwards)
Where: Lancaster Hotel, London W2

TSAM is the leading event for developing efficient investment management companies. The 14 year old congress & expo, returning to London on March 17th 2015, has undergone a complete refresh and is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Level 39 Showcase: Fintech for Funds

Fri, 05/12/2014 - 13:30

Level 39, Europe's biggest Fintech incubator, and Innovate Finance, an organisation dedicated to promoting UK financial technology, backed by the City of London Corporation and Canary Wharf Group, will be holding a financial technology showcase: “Fintech for Funds” from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm at Level 39, One Canada Square on Friday 5th December. This is an opportunity for fund managers, prime brokers and hedge fund administrators to see some of the cutting edge technologies available for their business. The event will showcase 6 companies, including:
Web based approach to portfolio and risk management for derivatives practitioners. Beginning with coverage in US equities and equity derivatives, clients can sign up and load in their portfolios, calculate a variety of risk reports and manage their portfolios and trade bookings within minutes, on any platform, wherever they are. The initial 90 day trial is completely free with no commitment, after which the service is charged at a competitive monthly rate.

Software and compliance experts. Focus is on the delivery of a cloud-based service, which combines leading functionality with a team dedicated to regulatory changes and rule maintenance. This means users not only benefit from best-in-class software, but can rest assured that checks always conform to the latest shareholding disclosure demands from around the world.

Provider of Middle Office Information and Control services – from Investment Book of Record through to Regulatory and Analytics 

Essentia Analytics
Decision support software enabling fund managers to capture richer data about their own behaviour, while improving the productivity and referenceability of their investment processes. A more accurate picture of the past enables better conscious decisions in the future.

Heckyl helps you find opportunities in raw "Big Data Streams". The platform mines 1 million + data sources including news wires, blogs, tweets, open data sets (FDA, Clinical Trial, Patents, Government data sources) to discover trends and insights in real time. Company coverage currently stands at 35000+ companies.

Aim Invest Forum 2014

Tue, 25/11/2014 (All day)

The forum will showcase some of the most promising mining, oil & gas and UK-based companies listed on AIM, giving CEOs personal access to some of the UK’s most experienced and knowledgeable small-cap investors from the retail, private client broker and fund management community.
PLCs will be looking for increased liquidity and growth finance. Each CEO/presenter will have 15 minutes to present and pitch their investment opportunity, with extra time for an open Q&A session with the audience, and spend the rest of the day networking with investors and peers.
Attendance is by invitation only. Investors, which we qualify, are invited to attend the event free of charge. Professional advisers are invited to attend at a daily delegate rate. There will be lunch and networking breaks during the day.

5th Energy Trading Regulations & Compliance Summit 2015

Wed, 11/03/2015 (All day)

The 5th ETRC Summit endorsed by EFET is taking place on the 11th - 12th March 2015 in London. The summit continues to provide a fundamental platform to address the uncertainty and industry response around the restrictive nature of the latest regulatory provisions. It will bring you the latest updates around REMIT, EMIR, MiFID II, MAD, CRD IV and Dodd Frank from the key regulators, as well as focused discussions and presentations on regulations implementation led by energy companies and energy trading banks from across Europe and globally.

2nd Annual Investors’ Conference on European CLOs and Leveraged Loans

Mon, 09/03/2015 (All day)

Given the recent resurgence of CLO issuance activity in Europe, this event is extremely valuable as it brings together leading European CLO managers, regulators, and CLO investors to discuss the potential for this market in Europe. Just over 800 registered for the inaugural event in 2014, and we are expecting an even stronger turnout in 2015 given the positive issuance trends and outlook. 

International Securities Settlements & Custodial Services

Eureka Financial

This training program is designed to provide delegates with practical knowledge about the key concepts, systems, processes and procedures in international securities settlement and custodial serv

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