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Comment: Will investable indices survive?

Primores Absolute Return Investing asks whether it's worth paying for the 'advantages' investable indices provide… »

Dow Jones launches Islamic index for Brazil, Russia, India and China

Dow Jones Indexes has launched the Dow Jones Islamic Market BRIC Equal Weighted Index. »

Dow Jones Indexes and AIG launch commodity forward indexes

Dow Jones Indexes, and AIG Financial Products Corp. have launched three new commodity forwards versions of the Dow Jones - AIG Commodity Index. »

ABX.HE provides investors with vintage exposure to home equity ABS

ABX.HE, an innovative synthetic ABS index of US home equity asset-backed securities, was rolled into its second series on 19 July 2006. »

RBC Hedge 250 Index returned -0.47 per cent in June 2006

The RBC Hedge 250 Index® had a net return of -0.47 per cent in June bringing the year-to-date return of the Index to 4.96 per cent. »

INDEXCHANGE receives licence for ETF tracking the Nikkei 225

INDEXCHANGE has received a licence for an ETF on the Nikkei 225 and will be the first such provider outside Japan. »

Cushman & Wakefield and BGC launch property derivatives JV

Cushman & Wakefield and inter-dealer broker BGC are entering the nascent property derivatives sector, providing strategic solutions to firms in the sector. »

Dow Jones licences new Turkey index for ETF

Dow Jones Indexes has created a specialty Turkey index that will serve as the underlying for an ETF from Is Investment, the leading investment bank in Turkey. »

Dow Jones Indexes expands Select Dividend Index Series with Australian index

Dow Jones Indexes has launched the Dow Jones Australia Select Dividend 30 Index that tracks the 30 highest dividend-yielding stocks in Australia. »

Matrix prepares to launch latest structured product

London-based Matrix Group will launch the Matrix Ascension Plan 3, linked to the Winton Trading Strategies Fund, on Monday 17 July, subject to FSA approval. »

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