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The Interview – Dietmar Schmitt, SAM Capital Partners: “It has taken time for investors to understand how a trading fund differs from more traditional long/short managers”

SAM Capital Partners is looking to expand the investor base of its SAM Capital Equity Opportunity Fund, launched in September 2007, on the back of a run of 13 successive months of positive return. Founder and chief investment officer Dietmar Schmitt says the firm’s approach is being validated by the plans of other groups to launch trading funds with short-term investment horizons. »

The Interview - Willem de Vlugt and Charles Estourgie, EValuation Capital: “The rally this year has made investors wary of possible corrections ahead”

Willem de Vlugt and Charles Estourgie, founding partners and fund managers at Amsterdam-based EValuation Capital Management, says the EV Smaller Companies Fund they manage is set to benefit from a favourable environment in the coming year as its core long portfolio of small and medium-sized companies emerge stronger from the crisis. »

The Interview – Pedro Noronha, Noster Capital: “The two most important assets a manager can have are a stable capital base and patience – like Warren Buffett”

Pedro Noronha, managing partner of Noster Capital, says the firm’s proprietary indicators currently say that the green shoots crowd is too early in pricing a V-shaped recovery into the market, and that credit spreads, which have tightened to levels that are in some instances similar to the top of the market bubble, are set again to widen considerably once new problems with European bank lending start to surface. »

The Interview - Bernard Lambilliotte, Ecofin: "We expect explosive development in China's renewable energy sectors"

Bernard Lambilliotte, chief investment officer of specialist utilities and infrastructure investor Ecofin, says the firm's newly-launched China Pow »

The Interview - Henrik Rhenman and Carl Grevelius, Rhenman & Partners: "The most likely outcome of healthcare reform in the US is higher consumption"

Stockholm-based Rhenman & Partners Asset Management, a niche player focused on healthcare, has just launched Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S, a g »

The Interview - Richard Peterson, MarketPsy Capital: "Understanding the workings of the brain unlocks a trove of novel investment strategies"

The founders of MarketPsy Capital have developed a systematic investment strategy that arbitrages sentiment-based stock mispricing by analysing the »

Hedgeweek Interview: Philip Hardy, Polar Capital: "The outlook for equity markets is likely to be one of hope ultimately ending in despair"

Philip Hardy, manager of the Polar Capital UK Absolute Return Fund, says that after a savage bear market in UK equities in 2008 the outlook remains uncertain, and he expects continued h »

Interview: Robert Romero, Connective Capital Management: "Growing opportunities for alpha generation on both long and short sides"

Connective Capital Management portfolio manager Robert Romero says the Silicon Valley-based firm, which specialises in investing in the technology »

Interview - Gary West and James Inglis-Jones, Liontrust: Looking for profit surprises

Gary West (photo) and James Inglis-Jones say the Liontrust European Long/Short Fund they manage has enjoyed solid growth this year amid the gloom f »

The Hedgeweek Interview - Ezra Sun, Veritas Asset Management: "Asia still offers significant investment opportunities in areas of structural growth"

Ezra Sun, manager of Veritas's Real Return Asia Fund, says that while Asia is set to suffer by proxy from the global economic slowdown, experiencing a reduction in domestic consumption and export g »

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