Fund of Hedge Funds

The Hedgeweek Interview: Cyril Julliard, CEO, Europanel Research & Alternative Asset Management. (ERAAM)

Cyril Julliard outlines the strategy and thinking that is driving the performance of Paris-based ERAAM's range of funds, and outlines plans for new launches. »

The Hedgeweek Interview - Magnus Olsson, head of funds, London & Capital: Identifying managers at their 'sweet spot'

Magnus Olsson, head of funds at London & Capital, says the company is looking to build on the success of its award-winning fund of funds by looking at new opportunities, such as altern »

The Hedgeweek Interview - Andres Pitchon, senior portfolio manager, Merchant Bankers Associados: Investing in Latin America's economic upswing

Andres Pitchon says that falling interest rates, rising credit quality and strong economic growth make Argentina and Latin America as a whole an attractive target for investment over the n »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Tracy Pearson, Head of Alternative Investment. Forsyth Partners: Rigorous reviews ensure alpha generation

Tracy Pearson outlines the investment disciplines that drive the performance of Forsyth Partners' funds of hedge funds. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Francisco García Paramés and Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro Mateos, Bestinver Asset Management, Madrid: Adhering to military-style discipline with regards to required IRR/

Francisco García Paramés and Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro discuss the characterisitics that distinguish Madrid-based Bestinver, which is preparing to launch a »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Kevin Shames, Director, Alpha Asset Management (South Africa) and Fund Manager, Alpha Opportunistic Fund

Kevin Shames highlights the investment process and thinking that differentiates the Alpha Opportunistic Fund, which provides investors with a full currency hedged entry into South African »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Mehraj Mattoo, Global Head, Alternative Investment Strategies, Commerzbank: Moving towards solutions

Mehraj Mattoo discusses the investor-focused approach that is shaping the evolution of Commerzbank's funds of hedge funds. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Tim Haywood & Paul McNamara, Julius Baer Investments Limited: Seeking Opportunities across the Globe

Tim Haywood & Paul McNamara believe the continuing focus on absolute returns coupled with a greater volatility of returns will work in favour of their Absolute Return Bond Fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: William F. Browder, CEO, Hermitage Capital Management Limited: Driving positive change in Russia

William Browder provides a rare insight to the thinking that drives the USD 3.2 billion Hermitage Fund, the world's largest Russia-dedicated investment fund. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Robin Bowie, Dexion Capital: Standing apart in the fast growing world of listed closed ended alternative investment companies

Robin Bowie, founder of Dexion Capital, outlines the trend towards listed closed ended investment companies and highlights Dexion's unique position in this expanding sector.< »

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