Fund Manager Interviews

Fund Manager Interviews

The Interview – Adam Balinsky, Caldwell Life Strategies: “Life settlements are starting to be recognised as a viable asset class for liability-driven investments”

Adam Balinsky, president of Stamford, Connecticut-based life settlement investment specialist Caldwell Life Strategies, says the key to his firm’s success in an asset class full o »

The Interview – Olaf van den Heuvel, Aegon Asset Management: “We expect markets to recover slightly, but also more setbacks that will surprise the markets”

Olaf van den Heuvel, European head of tactical asset allocation at Aegon Asset Management and portfolio manager of the Ucits-compliant Global Opportunities Fund launched last December, expects the fallout following the credit crunch to continue along with further ‘surprises’ like Greece or Dubai. »

The Interview – Paul Brosnan, IFS Asset Managers: “Timber investments have consistently outperformed other asset classes over the past 20 years”

Paul Brosnan, marketing director of IFS Asset Managers and a director of the newly-launched International Forestry Fund, says rising timber prices in the jurisdictions in which the fund owns portfolios is not only good news for investors but will help raise awareness of forestry as an attractive, secure and predictable asset class for those interested in socially responsible investment. »

The Interview – Thomas Ferris, Sagres: “Investors currently have a short investment horizon and a focus on manager transparency, but they are still seeking above-average returns”

Thomas Ferris, chief executive of specialist consumer debt asset manager Sagres, says the firm’s new Recovery Capital Partners fund is poised to benefit from advantageous market conditions, including a decline in competition as less capitalised firms have been forced out of the business as well as an improvement in key relationships with sellers of debt. »

The Interview – Ronald Neumunz, Alpstar Capital: “One of the lessons of the global crisis is always to have ready cash on hand to take advantage of buying opportunities”

Ronald M Neumunz, head of sales and investor relations at Geneva-based Alpstar Capital, says the firm’s concentrated focus on Europe is a key differentiator that appeals to non-European investors who want dedicated continental credit exposure, along with an investment process combining macro and micro elements with a real operating world overlay. »

The Interview – James Thornton, Mayfair Capital: “Rental growth will remain elusive in most markets except central London over the next two to three years”

James Thornton, fund director at Mayfair Capital Investment Management, says investors with the specialist property fund manager have benefited from the firm’s ability to time the UK market – for example in 2007, when they called the peak of the market and decided to wind up the MC Property Growth Fund early to protect investors’ capital and take profits. »

The Interview – Nicolas Clavel, Scipion Capital: “Credit will remain like gold dust for trading companies and project managers in Africa”

Nicolas Clavel, founder and chief investment officer of Africa-focused asset manager Scipion Capital, says the firm’s flagship Commodity Trade Finance fund, which has produced positive performance every month since its launch in 2007, is now seeking out lucrative opportunities to provide short-term finance in the minerals field, such as copper in Zambia and tin in Rwanda. »

The Interview – Ian McEvatt, Iceman Capital Advisors: “India will experience a ‘North Sea oil’ effect over the next five to 10 years”

Ian McEvatt, majority owner of Iceman Capital Advisors, says the London- and Amsterdam-listed Himalayan Fund it manages is narrowly focused on generating returns from opportunities in Indian stocks. Because of this, he says, Iceman concentrates on providing excellent communication and client servicing and a level of transparency and access that cannot be provided within any kind of institutional structure. »

The Interview – Tim Gascoigne, HSBC Alternative Investments: “We have steered clear of all hedge fund blow-ups over the past 20 years”

Tim Gascoigne, global head of portfolio management at HSBC Alternative Investments, says that what is reckoned the third largest alternative business worldwide with more than USD30bn in assets has been built on a combination of bottom-up and top-down research, a focus on diversification and strong approach to due diligence. »

The Interview – Anthony Eaton, JM Finn & Co: “We have a bias toward earnings now rather than jam tomorrow”

Anthony Eaton, manager of the six-year-old, GBP54m JM Finn Global Opportunities Fund, says the fund aims to invest in the consequences of globalisation as industrialisation and urbanisation within non-G7 countries create greater global output but also greater capacity, moving pricing power from what is made to what is required to make it. »

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