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The Interview - Anita Ramachandran and Rajinder Sabherwal, Magister Ludi Capital Management: "Capturing mispricing across markets and asset classes is a richer source of returns than security selection"

Magister Ludi Capital Management portfolio manager Anita Ramachandran and chief executive Rajinder Sabherwal (pictured) say that their Global Macro »

The Interview - Troy W. Buckner, Managing Principal, NuWave Investment Management: "With market fundamentals in flux, technically-oriented traders will have the upper hand"

Managed futures isone of the few alternative investment strategies that tends to demonstrate negative correlation to traditional investments during »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Hui-Wen Shiau and Jun-Tsiang Lam, Tai Tam Capital: "We are now approaching a true bear market"

Tai Tam Capital'sHui-Wen Shiau (see attached photo) and Jun-Tsiang Lam outline the thinking that is driving the investment strategy of their new As »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Adrian Owens and Andrew Snowball, Augustus Asset Managers: "The current environment is excellent for macro strategies"

Adrian Owens and Andrew Snowball, managers of the JB Global Rates Hedge Fund at Augustus Asset Managers, say that as volatility subsides, they expect fundamental drivers to play an increas »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Nick Corby, Fund Advisor and Partner, Bridge Asset Management LLP

As Bridge Asset Management prepares to launch the Bridge Global Opportunities Fund (BGOF) on 1 November, Nick Corby outlines the background to the fund and discusses its approach to emergi »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Richard Scalone, Integra Investment Management LP: Defining an edge through options

Richard Scalone explains how options allow for a myriad of trade management opportunities that outweigh the benefits of outright directional positions. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Jason Gold, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Aurarian Capital Management: Focusing on stocks and not just on companies

Jason Gold describes Aurarian's investment strategy focused on unearthing and exploiting valuation inefficiencies in 'under the radar' US e »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Neil A. Levy, Highpoint Domestic Partners, LP: "A market of stocks and not a stock market"

Neil A Levy outlines Highpoint's investment processes and thinking on emerging healthcare and convergence opportunities. »

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