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Xylinq is a leading provider of software to trade synthetic financial
products. Xylinq also provides bespoke IT solutions and consultancy

Xylinq's market-leading product is a low-cost trading system for booking and managing Synthetic Financial  Products for all global markets. Xylinq's client-base consists of Hedge Funds, Broker/Dealers and Prime Brokers.

The system allows you to:

-  Capture and track the terms of the financial agreement governing the contracts in a flexible manner.
-  Book contracts as both a buyer and a seller.
-  Rapidly calculate the total daily return of the synthetic position in terms of price performance, funding costs and other cash equivalents.
-  Manage multiple margin accounts in terms of interest rates, margin requirements and payments.

The system is designed to be reliable, handle high-volumes and to reduce the operational cost of trading synthetic financial products.

Xylinq also provides bespoke software development and consultancy services for financial clients in the areas of front, middle and back office systems. Xylinq employs high quality people who have the depth of financial business knowledge and technical expertise to provide clients
with unique solutions.

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