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Alternative Investments Brazil 2010

Event : Alternative Investments Brazil 2010

Tue, 16/03/2010  
Conducted by : UNI Strategic
Contact : Miss Lee Hui Ru

Brazil is self-sufficient and has unlimited resources. It has a massive pool of workers and local talent and is advancing, economically speaking, at an impressive rate. Record-low interest rates in Latin
America’s biggest economy boosts demand for alternative investments.

The Alternative Investments Brazil 2010 will attract institutional investors from around the world. The
conference will provide the ideal occasion for kick-starting new business as specialists share their knowledge.
Our event will be a great way to learn about the Brazil markets and how new investments may be added to
their portfolios.
The event will provide a comprehensive insight into the trends and developments of alternative investments in
Brazil. Leading experts in the fi eld have been brought together to explore the applications for the institutional,
bank, corporate and high-net-worth markets.

Key Topics:
• Food Security & Agriculture - why Brazil is a key source of food to the world?
• Drivers for a Consumer Credit Boom in Brazil
• High Yield, Distressed and Restructured Credit Opportunities in Brazil
• Managing Real Assets in Brazil such as Agricultural Land, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Consumer Credit and
Renewable Energy
• Opportunities and challenges of alternative investing in Brazil and the growing global ambitions of companies
• Assessing how to benefi t more from further reforms and sophistication in the fi nancial sector
• Key investment themes and industrial sectors to look out for in the forthcoming year

Profit from investments in Brazil together with institutional investors and be the first to act on lucrative opportunities!
• Learn how to invest in Brazil in broadly diversifi ed asset classes and achieve optimal returns
• Examine the risks and advancements of alternative investments in the Brazil market over the past year
• Find out more about the different investment strategies that other investors have faced while investing in Brazil.

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