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Water & Agriculture:  A Real Asset Investor Summit

Event : Water & Agriculture: A Real Asset Investor Summit

Thu, 16/05/2013  
Conducted by : WestWater Research LLC and American Water Intelligence
Contact : Monique Hardy

 Water & Agriculture is an event dedicated to investment in water and agriculture related real assets. This summit will explore these increasingly sought after investments and analyze current trends and opportunities in a macroeconomic context. Whether you are buying, selling or just looking to learn and expand your network, Water & Agriculture is a must attend event for 2013.  

Increasing water scarcity and a growing population to feed is leading investors to seek direct exposure to real water and agriculture assets.  As with other real asset investments like gold, fossil fuels, timber, and real estate; Water & Ag investments provide investors inflation protection, portfolio diversification and crisis resistant investments.  From private equity and large institutional investors looking for portfolio diversification, to large infrastructure firms looking for design, build and maintain projects, this conference will provide a forum to further explore real water and agriculture assets.
Space is limited to allow for excellent networking opportunities.  Early bird discounts ends March 8th.  
Key Areas of Discussion:
Water as an emerging asset class. Why should investors pursue water as an investment?
What types of real assets are available to investors?  National and global water investment opportunities.
What is the correlation between and water and agriculture?  What agriculture investors should know about water.
What macroeconomic factors should investors consider when looking at water & agriculture investments?
What are the emerging technologies for water & agriculture conservation and efficiency?

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