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Event : Invest Russia 2010 Conference

Sunday, October 24, 2010 - 22:00
Conducted by: 
UNI Strategic Pte Ltd
Willy Kwan

We're very impressed by Gornaya Karusel and plans for the whole region, and are looking to invest more."
Chief Executive Officer, Invest AD

“Companies from Russia may need to raise as much as $150 billion over the next five years to pay off debt and fund expansion.”
Chief Strategist, UralSib Financial Corp

Invest Russia 2010
2 Day Conference | 25 – 26 October 2010
Post Conference Masterclass | 27 October 2010
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Profit from investments in Russia together with institutional investors and be the first to act on lucrative opportunities
• Learn how to invest in Russia in broadly diversified asset classes and achieve optimal returns
• Examine the risks and advancements of alternative investments in the Russian market over the past year
• Find out more about the different investment strategies that other investors have faced while investing in Russia
Who should attend?
The Invest Russia 2010 will provide techniques for
*Institutional Investors * Asset Managers *Corporations  * Investment Banks *Service Providers and Advisors on investments in Russia
to match more developed markets and increase the familiarity of investors with several asset classes.
UNI Strategic has an extremely successful reputation as an emerging markets specialist and the investors present at our events are always satisfied with the contacts made.

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The Russian government has identified areas in need of capital inflows and realised the importance of improving the country's investment image by clarifying rules. Investors appear to be responding positively and have been broadening their Russia exposure. Following huge outflows of foreign capital in the fourth quarter of 2008 and early 2009, investors are slowly returning to Russia, with weekly fund flow indicators showing a growing preference for the country among emerging-market investors this year.

Russia is a high-beta market, as has been demonstrated by its performance in the past couple of years; it was the world's worst-performing market in 2008 and the best-performing last year posting 300%-plus gains since the start of 2009. The government now seeks foreign capital for basic infrastructure, which has suffered from decades of under-investment, including electricity, natural gas, communications and transport. It also wants to attract capital to industries in which Russia is overly reliant on imports, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Increasingly the government is keen to attract investment from the Middle East, as global liquidity trends eastward; this is a new trend in Moscow, which has long viewed Europe and North America as its traditional sources of finance. Significant risks remain for Russia investors, starting with oil. The country is still extremely dependent on its natural resources. Oil and gas accounts for 66% of the value of exports.

Successful cross border public listings illustrate the growing appetite for Russia as an investment destination. Rebounding oil & commodity prices, rising domestic incomes and spending also strengthen the case. Of course, as with any emerging market, risks to the overseas investor remain. With the gradual recovery in the global economy, the demand for commodities is expected to increase.

The Invest Russia 2010 will attract institutional investors from around the world. The conference will provide the ideal occasion for kick-starting new business as specialists share their knowledge. Our event will be a great way to learn about the Russian markets and how new investments may be added to their portfolios.
The event will provide a comprehensive insight into the trends and developments of investments in Russia. Leading experts in the field have been brought together to explore the applications for the institutional, bank, corporate and high-net-worth markets.

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