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Timber Invest Europe

Event : Timber Invest Europe

Tue, 26/10/2010  
Conducted by : Arena International Events Group
Contact : Shyam Modi

Timber as an asset class has been growing in popularity globally due to its low-risk and diversifying nature. Until recently, most institutional investment in timber was in the USA, This is changing now as more and more European institutional investors are choosing timber as part of their alternative investment portfolio. Amongst the investors who have discovered the unparalleled advantages of timber include pension funds, endowments, insurance companies and family offices.

As a very attractive long term asset class, investment in timber has proved to be the ultimate inflation hedge with stable annual returns of over 10% for the past 20 years. It is used as a major diversification tool for many investment portfolios due to its non-correlated nature and attractive opportunities offered in different regions.

Arena International’s Timber Invest conference is the key meeting of the year for European investors and the entire value chain including pension funds, investment management organisations, forest management companies, consultants and law firms. Top reasons to attend:

Top reasons to attend:

• Identify the best opportunities to invest in timber to increase your return on investment as demand and prices slowly rise
• Discover the hottest new markets to invest in to diversify your portfolio and reap the significant returns
• Uncover and mitigate the major economic, physical and industry specific risks to ensure you maintain control of your investment
• Reveal innovative ways to optimise your return through renewable energy, carbon credits and other demand dynamics
• Map out a full range of factors to decide which partner can lead to better return and value for money
• Plus take part in a closed panel session for investors ONLY to discuss the potential investment markets, portfolio optimisation strategies and risk management in a turbulent financial market

You will have the opportunity to hear from key timber investment experts from pension funds, asset and investment management organisations, forest managers and many more.

Our leading panel of speakers includes:

• Pedro Ochoa, Technical Advisor, European Investment Bank
• Olli Haltia, Managing Director, DASOS
• Otto Reventlow, Managing Director, International Woodland Company
• Hendrik Verest, Managing Director, FourWinds Capital Management
• Hugh Humfrey, Managing Director, Timberland Investment Resources Europe

Timber Invest Europe will attract the entire value chain of timber and forestry investment and will give you the opportunity to meet and network with portfolio managers, Chief Investment Officers, Vice Presidents and Managing Directors from:

• Pension Funds
• Endowments
• Insurance Companies
• Hedge Funds
• Institutional Investors
• Family Offices
• Banks
• Timber Investment Management Companies (TIMOs)
• Agri-business Investment Companies
• Asset Management Firms
• Law Firms specializing in Timberland Transactions

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