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Asset Allocation for Insurance APAC

Event : Asset Allocation for Insurance APAC

Mon, 24/06/2013  
Conducted by : Marcus Evans
Contact : Cherrie Koay

As interest rates dip lower and inflation soar higher, the search for yield has intensified for insurance companies, leading them to expand their investment sights beyond the realm of fixed income with many now outsourcing a sizable proportion of their portfolios to asset managers.
This marcus evans conference offers the ideal platform in which to share and discuss the latest developments in asset allocation strategies for insurance companies to gain a competitive edge by proactively optimizing, managing and growing their portfolios, and remain compliant to Solvency II and its equivalents in a low interest and inflation environment.

Attending this Premier marcus evans Conference will Enable You to:
- Explore the profitable investments to optimize your balance sheet performance
- Practical asset allocation for insurance maturities
- Discover alternative asset opportunities
- Understand the impact of Solvency II on the APAC investment landscape
- Restructure funds so transparency is ensured
- Maximize portfolio performance in a low interest and inflation environment

For updated brochure and registration, kindly contact Cherrie at


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