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Healthcare Provider Technology M&A Forum

Event : Healthcare Provider Technology M&A Forum

Tue, 22/10/2013  
Conducted by : IMN – Information Management Network
Contact : Matt Gessel

A recent Forbes survey of senior healthcare executives cited 58% of healthcare technology companies anticipating an increase in M&A activity and over a third expect to form a partnership or JV over the next 12 months. Against that background, IMN is excited to announce a unique and compelling program that will bring together a large number of technology vendors with strategic & financial buyers and their financial intermediaries. Reference code GFM10 for 10% discount.

Right now in the Healthcare Provider Technology space there are an abundance of information technology actors catering to the nation's hospitals - some would say an overabundance. With over 400 EHR vendors alone, and a plethora of technology players in the broader Health Information Management (HIM) category, the debate is intensifying over the need for consolidation in the space. Some believe such moves premature, particularly given the need for some technologies to stabilize, the need for concomitant investment and a lack of market penetration by a majority of participants.

However, in the face of continued hospital-clinic alignment (and now payer-provider alignment as well), along with the eventual drying up of Meaningful Use incentive payments, there is a strong case to be made for an uptick in merger and acquisition activity. Indeed, 2012 saw a marked increase (20%) in the number of announced health care IT transactions greater than $100 million* as well as the number of venture capital (VC) funding deals rising as they did three-fold from the prior year.

Building on the success of our Hospital Cloud Forums, the M&A program will hear both sides of the debate as we examine the gamut of issues and opportunities - legal, financial, cultural, strategic - throughout the transaction lifecycle. Information technology provision to our nation's hospitals stands at a critical juncture as the promise of evidence-based medicine and improved outcomes comes more clearly into focus. Join us and the leading minds in the industry as we take the next step in the journey.

*Source: Health Care Information Technology Market Overview, Cain Brothers, 2013

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