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We select partnerships with the world's leading relevant conference organisers so that we can feature leading events in our diary below. Please browse the various categories to view details on all events.

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Format: 2015-08-05
The Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class

Event : The Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class

Date : Thu, 24/09/2015   for 2 Days

Country : USA

City : New York

What are investors most concerned about when performing the necessary due diligence for Hedge Fund Investments? Join fellow industry professionals, hear their stories, and find out! »

Co-Investing: Fall Summit

Event : Co-Investing: Fall Summit

Date : Mon, 28/09/2015   for 2 Days

Country : USA

City : New York

Reduced fees.  Increased returns.  Two weeks to seal the deal.  Think you’ve got what it takes to co-invest? »

Investment Trends Summit

Event : Investment Trends Summit

Date : Mon, 28/09/2015   for 3 Days

Country : USA

City : California

This year's Investment Trends Summit is implementing additional networking components which will encourage education and deal flow. Combining though provoking panels and one-on-one meetings, attendees can expect to discuss various investment opportunities that have promising outlooks for the years ahead. The event will also offer unique networking opportunities and the beautiful sights Santa Barbara has to offer. »

4th Annual CBOE Risk Management Conference Europe

Event : 4th Annual CBOE Risk Management Conference Europe

Date : Mon, 28/09/2015   for 3 Days

Country : Switzerland

City : Geneva

Now in its 31st year in the US and fourth year in Europe, the CBOE Risk Management Conference (RMC) is the premiere financial conference designed for institutional users of equity derivatives and volatility products.  RMC an educational forum dedicated to exploring the latest products, trading strategies and tactics used to manage risk exposure and enhance yields, bringing together top traders, strategists and researchers, enabling participants to learn the state-of-the-art in investment risk management from true experts in the field. The conference provides an ideal setting for institutional users and prospective users of exchange-traded derivatives to network with their peers, exchange ideas and learn the latest information about new products and risk management strategies.  »

The 13th Managed Account & UMA Summit

Event : The 13th Managed Account & UMA Summit

Date : Mon, 28/09/2015   for 2 Days

Country : USA

City : New York

What’s driving growth and interest in Managed Accounts and UMAs? How will you capture your share of this industry? How will you tweak your goal-based investing strategies? How are liquid alternatives, ETFs, and index funds influencing investor decisions? How will you compete with  roboadvisors? How are a select few successfully integrating a singular platform? Get the answers to these questions and many more at our 13th Annual Managed Accounts & UMA Summit slated for September 28-29 in New York City. »

Capital Creation

Event : Capital Creation

Date : Mon, 28/09/2015   for 3 Days

Country : Monaco

City : Monte Carlo

Capital Creation is the ultimate post-summer Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference attended by the European Private Equity elite. The event focuses on quality networking, incisive debate and an industry leading LP to GP ratio.   It can be hard to justify the time away from your desk and the cost of attending but put simply here is why you need to be at Capital Creation this September: »

UCITS & AIFMD London 2015

Event : UCITS & AIFMD London 2015

Date : Wed, 30/09/2015   for 3 Days

Country : UK

City : London

With over 30 speakers from a wide range of international asset managers, regulators and distribution & product specialists, UCITS & AIFMD London 2015 promises to provide you and your business with the latest thinking around product design and governance as well as new strategies for increasing your assets under management.   Over the two days you will discover the latest developments in: »

Hedge Fund Americas Forum

Event : Hedge Fund Americas Forum

Date : Thu, 01/10/2015   for 2 Days

Country : USA

City : New York

Institutional investors are driving a renaissance in global hedge fund investing.  For the first time, pension funds, foundations, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and large family offices are the predominant allocators to hedge fund strategies.   The Hedge Fund Americas Forum gathers the brightest minds in the inter-American investor and hedge fund communities to explore the ever-evolving liquid alternatives investment landscape, share experiences, engage in constructive debate and work toward optimizing returns and aligning interests for investors and managers across the region. »

4th Global REITs Summit: East

Event : 4th Global REITs Summit: East

Date : Thu, 01/10/2015   for 1 Day

Country : USA

City : New York

iGlobal Forum is pleased to announce our upcoming 4th Global REITs Summit, taking place in New York on Thursday, October 1st. We will explore the growing challenges for a developing REIT industry with more competition entering the marketplace daily. Valued at over a trillion dollars, REITs are growing at a never-before-seen rate as more and more investors enter the space. Here you will learn how to stay competitive in a challenging market, combat rising interest rates, and invest in new, non-traditional sectors on the rise every day such as data centers, self-storage, and student housing. »

The Trading Show New York

Event : The Trading Show New York

Date : Wed, 07/10/2015   for 1 Day

Country : USA

City : New York

Trading Show New York will be held on October 7, 2015 at Three Sixty °, Tribeca in New York, New York. The event will feature quant, automated trading, SEFs New York and big data in finance.  The Trading Show New York is the conference for traders, quant investors and technology providers focused on the east coast market. »

Special report
Cybersecurty for Hedge Funds

Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds

Thu, 30/07/2015 - 11:00

Cybersecurity is no longer simply an IT issue, it is now a business issue. This is the conclusion of the experts and fund managers around the world whose opinions were polled for this landmark Hedgeweek Special Report, which outlines Best Practices for Cybersecurity in a fast-changing environment where managers need to keep several steps ahead of cyber criminals... »

EU Flag

Hedge fund manager outlook on the AIFMD

Wed, 22/07/2015 - 19:52

The introduction of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) into European law in 2013 was part of a series of moves towards greater regulatory oversight of the hedge fund industry in recent years. In our survey, we asked hedge fund managers for their views on the effect of these new regulations on the industry as well as their expectations about the impact of the AIFMD on their firm over the next 12 months, the results of which are analyzed in this extract from the Preqin Special Report: AIFMD in the Hedge Fund Industry – 2015 Update. ... »

Ken MacCuish, Intralinks

A couple of years ago, the title Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO for short, was a foreign concept within the hedge fund community. The winds have changed, however, as hedge funds become increasingly targeted by cyber hackers, causing many to hire a CISO to uphold the network integrity of the firm.  ... »

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Sovereign wealth funds, though small in number and secretive in nature, wield considerable influence as investors as a result of their sizeable assets under management. This extract is taken from Preqin’s latest report which features exclusive content from the 2015 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review.  ... »

Special report
Hedgeweek Special Report: Hedge Fund Administration

Hedge Fund Administration 2015

Tue, 16/06/2015 - 09:57

Mergers and acquisitions in recent years have changed the face of hedge fund administration. Big custodial banks are likely to dominate the HFA space in years to come, forming one part of a barbell with a number of well-run, well-capitalised independent HFAs on the other end. This report examines the implications for both hedge funds and their administrators... »

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