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Ogier Fiduciary ServicesAbout Ogier Fiduciary Services   Ogier Fiduciary Services is a world renowned independent professional services firm that provides leading international trust, fund and company administration services to large multi-national corporations, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, family offices and investment funds.   With over 450 professionals across a network of ten international offices, covering all time zones and key financial centres, Ogier Fiduciary Services is able...more..
Phalanx Capital Management LLCPhalanx is an award winning multi strategy fund with an 8 year track record of positive and attractive risk-adjusted performance in every calendar year since inception (including 2008).  The fund’s investment objective is to generate positive risk-adjusted returns in all market cycles regardless of market direction.  The premise of our strategy is to profit from cheap or mispriced implied volatility opportunities imbedded in convertible securities and listed and OTC equity...more..
ProFundComProFundCom was founded in 2003 by sales, marketing and technology experts in the finance sector to address the issue of tracking email distribution between institutions.   We are now the market leader in the field of financial-sector email marketing, with offices in London, New York and Bangalore. At the heart of what we do is a versatile and powerful software package designed specifically to support sales and marketing for hedge funds and asset managers. The system has been built and...more..
Sabre Style ArbitrageThe Sabre Style Arbitrage Fund was launched by London-based boutique hedge fund, Sabre Fund Management, in August 2002. Following a market neutral strategy, the systematic fund dynamically combines statistical arbitrage with multi-factor models to exploit trending behaviour in stocks. This makes the fund unique: although there are many statistical arbitrage funds, few have successfully incorporated a trend-following model. As such, Sabre was credited as Europe’s first hedge fund...more..
SEISEI's Investment Manager Services division provides comprehensive operational outsourcing solutions to support investment managers globally across a range of registered and unregistered fund structures, diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions. With expertise covering traditional and alternative investment vehicles, the division applies customized operating services, industry-leading technologies, and practical business and regulatory insights to each client’s business...more..
SHARPE+SIGNA LLCSHARPE+SIGNA is headquartered in the Los Angeles area with offices in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The Principal Founders of the Firm encompass more than 100 years of Institutional FX Money Management which sets the foundation of the Firm with regards to its disciplined approach to money management.   SHARPE+SIGNA, a boutique absolute return manager specializing in a complete discretionary, technical and fundamental investment strategy in a Global Macro setting that is focused on...more..
Stephenson Harwood LLPStephenson Harwood LLP is a full service international law firm, with over 100 partners and 600 staff worldwide. Our Funds and Financial Services Group is a leading diversified funds practice.  We can assist with each type of fund (including UCITS, non-UCITS retail, real estate, private equity, infrastructure, mining, energy/renewable  energy and ETFs) and have specialist expertise in closed-ended listed funds, investment trusts and hedge funds. We give comprehensive advice to funds,...more..
Titan Capital Group Titan Capital Group was founded in February 2001 to manage portfolios utilizing volatility trading strategies. With a dedicated and well-known trading team experienced in trading large option portfolios, the firm has a proven track record of delivering superior performance during difficult market environments. The investment process is driven by rigorous quantitative analysis. Titan risk manages through scenario analysis by reviewing both probable and improbable events, always hedging...more..

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