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Portomaso Business Tower, Level 7,
St Julians


EXANTE is an investment services company that offers global multi-asset brokerage services on a wide range of financial markets, such as in the US, EU and Asia. Our clients are professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage companies, asset management companies, hedge funds and monetary financial institutions.
EXANTE clients benefit from broad market accessibility, advantageous execution technology, accessible financing and EXANTE investment team support. EXANTE grants institutional conditions regardless of trading volumes.
Professional investors and financial institutions can access broad range of alternative products with EXANTE’s Online Multiproduct Platform:
-Great selection of hand-picked alternative investments
-Currency and system hedges from one account
-Increased investment safety with EXANTE’s due diligence and segregated accounts
Hedge fund listing with EXANTE’s Online Multiproduct Platform gives hedge fund managers exclusive access to target-group investors:
-Fund exposure to financial institutions, funds of funds, financial advisers and high net worth individuals
-EXANTE enhances fund transparency and marketability
-Secondary market for hedge funds


Anatoliy  Knyazev
Anatoliy Knyazev
Managing Partner

 Anatoliy is a co-founder of EXANTE and is responsible for the quantitative research and risk management, especially enjoying building risk models for non-linear derivatives portfolios. He also contributes his trading expertise to aid the product development and adjust EXANTE's software to the needs of the clients algorithmic trading. 

Prior to EXANTE, Anatoliy was a director of research and a partner in the Global Hedge Capital Fund, where he was responsible for the research and development of trading strategies. He has over 7 years of expertise in multidimensional statistical analysis of large data arrays. Before that he successfully traded volatility for over 3 years. 


MSc in Mathematics and Systems Programming, diploma with honours, Moscow State University. 

Gatis  Eglitis
Gatis Eglitis
Managing Partner

 Gatis is a co-founder of EXANTE. He brings to the company his management skills, his financial expertise as well as experience in brokerage businesses. 

Gatis commenced his career in financial services industry at Saxo Bank AS where he started as a Sales Trader and rose to become an Institutional Business Sales Manager. Later, as a Co-founder and a Chief Financial Officer with audit and accounting company GBC Ltd, he successfully participated in product development and while being with the company it gained wide recognition in a local marketplace. His professional experience also includes a number of financial consultancy roles. Gatis has over 7 years experience in the financial services industry.


 MSc in Finance and Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School

MSc in Finance and Credit, University of Latvia
Alexey  Kirienko
Alexey Kirienko
Managing Partner

 Alexey is a founder of EXANTE. He brings to the company his management skills, portfolio management and financial expertise, experience in marketing, business establishment and fund raising. 

Prior to EXANTE, he has been successfully trading derivatives on global markets, using proprietary innovative high frequency strategies, based on statistical analysis and computer data mining. In 2006 he incorporated a private trust fund. The trust success led to an establishment of public Global Hedge Capital Fund in 2007. Alexey has over 7 years experience in the financial services industry.


 MSc in Economics and Managing of Enterprises, Russian State University of Crude Oil and Natural Gas

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