Stuart MacDonald joins Gems London office

Gems Advisors in London has appointed as a director Stuart MacDonald, formerly director of alternative investments at Shore Capital and director of hedge funds at Henderson Global Investor »

Algorithmic trading and technology shaping future of forex market, says FXall report

As the role of hedge funds in the foreign exchange market continues to grow, algorithmic trading and technology are shaping the future of the market, according to a white paper issued by FXall, the »

Latency and Execution

Latency: A measure of delay. In a market where speed is of the essence, the spotlight falls on the issue of latency. Latency is the time it takes to get a deal done, cancel an order or know what is happening in the market. »

Inherent Latency in FX Trading Systems

It is clear from conversations with a broad range of market participants that inherent latency is a problem for active market participants on current FX trading systems. »

How Financial Markets are Combating Network Latency Network Latency

Network latency is the time needed to effect a communication between two network nodes. »

Light Versus Dark: ECNS and Dark Liquidity in FX

Much has been made of dark pools of liquidity in the equity market at present. These are financial markets not available or visible to the general public - essentially 'non-displayed' liquidity. »

Fairness and Transparency in the Global FX Market

The e-FX market has evolved rapidly to meet the changing needs of an ever more diverse group of market participants. »

AccelorTM - Meeting the Needs of the Algorithmic Trading Community

Accelor is the next-generation foreign exchange ECN for all market participants, developed to meet the needs of the most demanding institutional market participants. »

Equity long/short and absolute return funds outpace Australia's rampant equities

Australian long/short equity and absolute return hedge funds that have outperformed the country's record-breaking equities market have been honoured at the 2007 Australian Hedge Fund Award »

US fund investors and asset managers to examine market issues

The US President's Working Group on Financial Markets has announced the composition and aims for two private sector committees, one comprised of investors and the other of asset managers, »

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