Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index: Introduction of eighth tranche of Single Stock Futures on the Components

Eurex is extending the Single Stock Futures segment by way of including all EUR-/CHF-denominated components of the Dow Jones STOXX 600 Index. »

ProShare Advisors LLC licenses "The Dow" for premier ETF line-up

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the world's longest running stock market indicator, underlies two new leveraged exchange-traded funds. »

Markets await US interest rate decision

This week is  likley to be all about the  FOMC  meeting  and their decision on US interest rates, Wall Street finished lower on Friday by some 30 points  taking us back bel »

Mercer study reveals strengthened global hedge funds industry risk management practices and highlights areas for improvement

Hedge funds and their broker dealers have strengthened the quality and scope of risk management compared to historical practices, according to a new study. »

The Hedgeweek Interview: Sandra Manzke, Manager, Matrix MAX Fund: Taking a longer-term view on the investment portfolio

Sandra Manzke, Chairman & CEO of MAXAM Capital Management, outlines the thinking behind the Matrix MAX Fund, aimed at the UK market. »

Harwood Committee proposes liberalised fund regime for Guernsey

A Committee tasked with ensuring the continuing health of Guernsey's investment sector has recommended fundamental changes to regulatory laws. »

Comment: "Guernsey's new approach will allay current criticisms"

Guernsey funds lawyer Advocate William Simpson believes regulatory developments will provide a strong competitive base for Guernsey's financial services industry. »

Reuters and Paladyne form strategic alliance

Reuters is combining its DataScope market data solution with Paladyne's front- to- back office hedge fund product suite. »

EDHEC disagrees with the ECB on the systemic risks of hedge funds

According to a recent article in the European Central Bank's Financial Services Review, hedge fund activities pose considerable risk to the financial system. »

CFTC clears BSE's Sensex futures contract for US offer and sale

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has been given the green light for the US launch of a futures contract based on the BSE's Sensitive Index (Sensex). »

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