SpotLite FTSE 350 Index Feb 6th - Part VII

Report I »

SpotLite FTSE350 Weekly Technical Report 6 February 2006 - Part II

Report I           »

OTC and complex securities valuation providers agree to offer each other's valuations

Standard & Poor's Securities Evaluations, a global provider of independent securities evaluations, and Independent Valuation and Risk Services, a market leader in providing independent »

Hedge fund indices rejected in final advice to EC on UCITS inclusion

The Committee of European Securities Regulators has rejected the inclusion of hedge fund indices in UCITS in its final advice to the Eur »

Jersey introduces advances to cell company investment structures

New legislation in Jersey permits the creation of cell companies and includes innovative features extending the scope of their use for i »

European Commission appoints experts to hedge funds group

The European Commission has appointed several hedge fund experts to a group that will look at improving the EU framework for alternative »

A Guide to Outsourcing The Administration Of Hedge Funds: Part 2: Self-Administration versus Outsourcing

The second of a six-part series by Dermot S.L. »

Arca launches absolute return multi-strategy funds in Italy

Arca SGR, one of Italy's leading saving and investment companies, has launched a range of absolute return multi-strategy, multi-manager »

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