Could Ireland become a leading hedge funds domicile?

By Simon Gray In its report for the IDA last year, Deloitte & Touche suggested that encouraging hedge fund managers to set up shop in Ireland would be a good wa »

Dublin Hedge Fund Services - Click Here for full Special Report - May 2005

Is Dublin's financial services industry in danger of losing its momentum? »

EU directive helps win Bermuda funds

The  Cayman  Islands'  compliance  with  the European  Union's  Savings  Tax  Directive, on »

Emerging managers spread their wings

A new focus on Latin American alternative assets among foreign investors starved of substantial returns at home is coinciding with the emergence of a new breed of managers in the region whose skill »

Expertise that keeps Cayman ahead of the pack

The hedge fund administration sector in Cayman is currently enjoying vigorous growth, with new players entering the market, and existing »

Exporting regulatory protocol

Here's  a  prediction.  If  you  take  a  look  at macro-economic  trends  since »

Getting the message across

The  Cayman  Islands  is  one  of  the  leading offshore  jurisdictions  for  hedge&nb »

Global competitors eye Cayman's success

The  Cayman  Islands'  success  in  making itself  the  international  hedge  funds jurisdiction  »

Guernsey Hedge Fund Services 2005 - Click Here For Full Special Report

The articles in the attached pdf f »

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