Stephan Fritz joins Harcourt Investment Consulting AG as Managing Partner

Harcourt Investment Consulting AG has made an important addition to its management team with Stephan Fritz joining the firm as Managing Partner.   »

Offshore law firms Appleby, Spurling, Hunter and Bailhache Labesse complete merger

Offshore law firms, Appleby Spurling Hunter and Jersey-based Bailhache Labesse, have formally completed their merger. »

STOXX announces changes to its blue-chip and style indexes

STOXX Ltd has announced the results of the regular annual review of the Dow Jones STOXX 50, Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50, Dow Jones STOXX NORDIC 30 and Dow Jones STOXX EU Enlarged 15 blue-chip »

Credaris appoints Bob Buhr as Head of Credit Research

Credaris, the credit-specialist asset manager, has appointed Bob Buhr as the company's Head of Credit Research. »

MPC Investors continues growth with appointment of new Head of Sales

MPC Investors, the independent asset manager, has appointed Dan Mannix as Head of Sales. »

Eurex trading volume up 19 per cent in August to 107 million contracts

A total of approximately 107 million derivative contracts were traded on Eurex in August, a 19 per cent increase on the previous year. »

Thomson Financial signs strategic enterprise agreement with Tullett Prebon Information

Thomson Financial has signed a strategic enterprise agreement with Tullett Prebon Information, a leading provider of real-time and end-of-day price information from the wholesale, brokered »

Making the most of Jersey's human resources

All fund servicing centres - Dublin, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Cayman - have capacity issues, but of the genuine island offshore centres, Jersey is not only most populous but the best established in te »

Barrier launches fund focusing on home equity loan securitizations

Memphis, TN-based Barrier Investments, LLC has launched the Barrier Credit ABS Master Fund, Ltd. which focuses on home equity asset-backed securities. »

CFTC revokes registration of hedge fund operator Samuel Israel III, former Managing Member of Bayou Management LLC

The CFTC has filed a Notice of Intent to Revoke Registration against Samuel Israel III, formerly of Bayou Management LLC. »

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