German market growth benefits from Master KAG structure

Christian Benigni expects to see strong growth in the German hedge funds business this year and next, and he is well placed to know. »

Delivering tax transparency

When the new legislation governing alternative investment funds came into force in Germany more than two years ago, HSBC's Alternative Fund Services (AFS) took a two-fold approach to capitalise on »

The evolution of prime brokerage in Germany

Since the introduction of the 2004 German Investment Act, there has been debate on the potential growth of the local hedge fund market, and on possible 'local' prime brokerage solutions. »

New ETFs improve index tracking and reduce trading costs

Exchange-traded funds allow investors to track the performance of specific market segments more efficiently and reduce costs, helping institutions to create more efficient portfolios for use in cor »

Institutional market poised for take-off

The change of the law in 2004 allowed hedge funds and funds of hedge funds to be launched under German regulations for the first time. »

Derivatives take larger role with hedge funds

Surging flows of capital into hedge funds over the past few years have aroused fears that overcrowding in popular strategies will drive returns down and reduce the appeal of alternative investment »

Hedge Funds Liberalisation Starts to Bear Fruit

When Germany liberalised its rules governing hedge funds and taxation of their income at the beginning of 2004 the initiative was hailed in some quarters as a new dawn for the sector. »

KGR Capital's European office gains authorisation from the FSA in London

KGR Capital has gained authorisation for KGR Capital (Europe) Ltd from the UK Financial Services Authority. »

UK funds under management up 7% in 2005 to record USD 3.5 trillion

Assets under management of the UK fund management industry increased for the third year running in 2005 to USD 3,450 billion. »

Torrey appoints Shu Nung Lee as Vice President of research

Shu Nung Lee, CFA, has joined SEC-registered investment adviser Torrey Associates Vice President of Research.  »

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