1. An Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds

Hedge funds have historically lodged in a dark corner of the investment universe, where investors and regulators were happy to leave them. »

1. Comment: Will institutions destroy the Alpha they seek from alternative investments? By Ian Morley, CEO, Dawnay, Day Olympia Limited, London.

To paraphrase the cliché "we often destroy the object we most desire".  The core of this essay is to examine the possibility that this is »

1. DUBLIN: A Prime EU Location for Fund Administration Part I

The last fifteen years, since t »

1. Processing remains key issue for hedge fund distribution in Europe

One of the key issues regarding distribution of hedge funds in Europe concerns processing. For traditional funds, the European market is extremely fragmented compared with the US, with no st »

1. The Hedgeweek Interview: Jon Hitchon, Head of Global Prime Services, Deutsche Bank: Focusing on smart solutions for hedge funds

Jon Hitchon outlines recent changes at Deutsche Bank (DB) and reviews the key hedge fund trends tracked by t »

1. The Hedgeweek Interview: Melissa Hill, Managing Partner, Sabre Fund Management Ltd: Focusing on the quest for alpha generation

Melissa Hill outlines recent developments at Sabre, including new hire Matthew Isherwood and expansion into new markets such as Japan. »

10. From Delivering to Packaging of Alpha

In this paper, EDHEC emphasizes the need for the hedge fund industry to adopt a »

2. Need for flexibility guides choice of hedge fund structure

Luxembourg and other hedge fund domiciles offer a range of structures for hedge funds. The choice of the promoter will often be guided by the type of investor targeted, whether there is a ne »

2. Directional Aspects of Long Short Investing: Part 1

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