MSCI Barra launches MSCI KOKUNAI Japan Equity Indices

MSCI Barra, a provider of benchmark indices and risk management analytics products, has launched the MSCI KOKUNAI (Domestic) Japan Equity Indices. Consisting of ov »

Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index up 16 per cent year-to-date

The Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Total Return Index is up over 16 per cent this year, and the outlook for the sector is good, according to a panel of experts. Prices are expected to remain signif »

Philippe Foulquier joins Edhec as associate professor

Philippe Foulquier has joined the Edhec Group as an associate professor. Foulquier, who has a doctoral degree in economic science and is a graduate of the SFAF (th »

Reserve Yield Plus earns double triple rating

The Reserve Funds' Reserve Yield Plus Fund has received both a AAAf rating from S&P, and a Short-Term Fund credit rating of Aaa from Moody's. In addition, the Fund »

Asset Alliance expands marketing and sales efforts in Nordic region

Asset Alliance International has hired Brynjar Agnarsson as Associate Director of Marketing for the Nordic and Benelux Regions.  Agnarsson, an Icelandic national, »

Crédit Agricole appoints new CEO and deputy CEO

Fathi Jerfel and Marc Romano have been appointed CEO and deputy CEO, respectively, of Crédit Agricole Structured Asset Management. Jerfel, 46, started his career a »

New Zealand Absolute Return Association founded in Christchurch

A group of New Zealand-based alternative asset managers is hoping to see the country develop as a destination of choice for hedge funds. In a bid to raise industry »

Pro-Hedge launches new multi-manager energy fund

Pro-Hedge Funds has launched its diversified Pro-Hedge Multi-Manager Energy Fund, the first such fund to be launched in Canada. Specializing in the North American E »

1. The Hedgeweek Interview: John Godden, HFR Asset Management: Shaping the future of structured products in Europe

HW: What is the background to HFR Europe? JG: HFR Asset Management Europe was set up in 2001 to market the products of HFR Asset Management to the »

1. A Guide to Trading Financial Futures

Derivatives Financial futures and options are so-called derivative financial instruments. »

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