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Japanese Yen

Weak yen spells strong profits for Japanese companies

Shogo Maeda, Head of Japanese Equities, comments on whether a weaker yen is leading to profits for Japanese companies… »

Eric Gordon, Brown Advisory

Fracking in the UK

Eric Gordon (pictured), Energy Analyst at Brown Advisory on what the UK can learn from the US to successfully implement fracking to build energy reserves and cut costs… »

Tim Dowling, ING Investment Management

Institutional investors look to credit as bond rates fall

ING Investment Management says that with government bonds yielding 1.5%, institutional funds are increasingly looking for alternatives that manage volatility while returning upwards of 3%… »

Sebastien Danloy, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

What is the AIFMD state of play?

With just over eight weeks to go before the AIFMD transposition deadline, Sebastien Danloy (pictured), Head of Investor Services Europe and Offshore at RBC Investor & Treasury Services, comments on late implementation and its effects on asset managers… »

Gary Gensler, Chairman, CFTC

Final block rule for swaps is critical for transparency

The final block rule for swaps is critical to promoting transparency in this once opaque market, says US Commodity and Futures Commission Chairman, Gary Gensler… »

George Osborne

G7 meeting ‘successful and constructive’, says Osborne

UK Chancellor George Osborne’s closing remarks from the G7 Meeting in Aylesbury… »

Graham Stock, Insparo

Bharti Airtel-Qatar Investment Group deal highlights continuing African growth potential

Graham Stock (pictured), chief strategist at Insparo Asset Management comments on Bharti Airtel decision to sell a stake to Qatar investment group… »

Eric Gordon, Brown Advisory

Fracking: Can UK learn lessons from the US?

Can Britain, like the US, successfully use the fracking technique to build energy reserves and cut costs? If so, what can be learned from the US? Eric Gordon, Energy Analyst at Brown Advisory, comments… »

Joel Copp-Barton, Invesco Perpetual

When ‘bad’ is ‘good’

Joel Copp-Barton, European Equities Product Director at Invesco Perpetual, shares his views on Europe’s recovery… »


The next steps for the euro – what is needed to ensure its survival?

Keith Wade, Chief Economist at Schroders, looks beyond the near term cyclical challenges and considers what the Eurozone needs to do to ensure its long term viability… »

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