Standard Life Investments, Frances Hudson

The emergence of emerging markets

It is much harder for countries to make the transition from emerging to developed economies than was previously commonly thought, according to Frances Hudson (pictured), Global Thematic Strategist, Standard Life Investments… »


Asian hedge fund stars will continue to attract capital in 2013, says BNY Mellon… Bank of America’s Hedge-Fund Clients Boost Leverage in Asia…

The year ahead will likely remain sharply challenging for Asian hedge fund managers looking to raise new investor capital. But the “stars” of recent years that have lodged standout gains will continue to see moderate inflows from their traditional investors – US institutions – while new entrants are turning to ultra-high net worth investors, family offices and their own friends amid a dearth of institutional seed capital. »

Richard Gwilliam, Head of Property Research, PRUPIM

Outlook for global real estate

Richard Gwilliam (pictured), Head of Property Research at PRUPIM offers his outlook for global real estate… »

Adrian Bignell, Invesco Perpetual

Eurozone 2013: Crisis or comeback?

Invesco Perpetual’s Adrian Bignell on growth opportunities in the Eurozone and why the worst is behind us…  »

Lee Manzi, Jupiter

The attractions of convertible bonds

Lee Manzi fund manager, Jupiter Fixed Interest and Multi Asset Team on the attractions of convertible bonds in the current environment… »

currency cogs

Currency wars

The Japanese Yen has fallen sharply while the Euro is at its highest level against the US dollar since 2011. Keith Wade, Chief Economist and Clive Dennis, Head of Currencies at Schroders, share their views on the latest outbreak of currency wars and the impact this is having on the market… »

Ayjay Gambhir, RWC

Opportunities abound for European equities

Manager of the RWC Europe Absolute Alpha Fund, Ajay Gambhir (pictured) believes that European Equities offer his equity long/short strategy some of the greatest investment opportunities in the last ten years. »

Michelle Carroll, partner, investment management division, BDO

CIMA public consultation is ‘a welcome step forward’

Michelle Carroll, Partner, Investment Management Division, BDO LLP on the changes to the disclosure of funds and directors in the Cayman Islands… »

Mark Mobius, Templeton Emerging Markets Group

Investing in Africa: Misconceptions and realities

It’s easy to fall prey to misconceptions and generalisations about places we’ve never been: to assume everyone in the United States drives big cars, all the French love croissants and all Canadians play hockey. There are many misconceptions about investing in developing markets, and Africa certainly has its fair share, but it’s dangerous to make sweeping generalisations, says Dr Mark Mobius (pictured), Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group… »

Brian Forrester, partner, Deloitte

HM Treasury consultation paper goes beyond AIFMD minimum rules

Brian Forrester (pictured), investment partner at Deloitte comments on HM Treasury’s latest Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) consultation paper… »

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