Peter Moore, head of regulation, IMS Group

Comment: Investors should consider all components of asset management firms

The FSA’s significant fine and banning for life of hedge fund manager Michiel Visser highlights the age old need for independence between key functions at firms of all sizes, says Peter Moore (picture), head of regulations at The IMS Group… 


Angus Murray, CEO, Castlestone Management Inc

Comment: The rise of the unleveraged real asset & the N11

Castlstone Management CEO Angus Murray (pictured) argues that in a highly volatile world, real assets and the N11 emerging economies will continue to outperform all other asset classes… »

Andrew Shrimpton, member, Kinetic Partners

Comment: Short-selling ban will increase risk of recession

The introduction of a ban on short-selling by several European countries will increase the risk of a full-blown recession, says Andrew Shrimpton of Kinetic Partners… »

David Miller, partner, Cheviot Asset Management

Comment: Rating agencies have given the US the benefit of the doubt for too long 

Rating agencies have given the US the benefit of the doubt for too long and that the decision of S&P to downgrade it’s AAA rating “is a warning shot across the bows of US politicians," according to David Miller, partner at Cheviot Asset management… »

Percival Stanion, Head of Asset Allocation, Baring Asset Management

Comment: Underlying economic trends are deteriorating

Baring Asset Management (Barings), the international asset management firm, believes that even as the headlines focus on debt negotiations in Europe and the US, the underlying economic trends are deteriorating. Percival Stanion, Head of Asset Allocation at Barings, explains... »

Nigel Sillis, Director of Research, Fixed Income and Currency Team, Baring Asset Management in London

Comment: US AAA credit rating is unsustainable

Despite the US edging closer to a bipartisan deal that would raise the country's borrowing limit, Nigel Sillis (pictured), Director of Research, Fixed Income and Currency Team at Baring Asset Management in London, still believes it's a case of 'when' rather than 'if' America's credit rating is downgraded… »

Tom Winnifrith, founder, T1ps

Comment: US debt deal is a 'pathetic compromise'

Tom Winnifrith (pictured), manager of the SF t1ps Smaller Companies Gold Fund, has described the proposed US debt ceiling deal as a “pathetic compromise which will not convince anyone and which must cause US debt to lose its AAA rating very soon indeed". And he predicts that this will help drive gold to USD2100 oz before Obama faces re-election in November 2012… »

Peter Moore, head of regulation & compliance, IMS Group

Comment: Soros' transformation from HF to family office will be a one-off 

Peter Moore, head of regulation & compliance, The IMS Group, is not expecting other hedge fund managers to follow George Soros' lead in turning his firm into a family office… »

Ralf Oberbannscheidt, portfolio manager, DWS Invest Global Agribusiness

Comment: Increased demand for food and fuel will keep pressure on commodities

Ralf Oberbannscheidt (pictured), portfolio manager, DWS Invest Global Agribusiness believes commodities will remain under pressure due to increased demand for food and fuel... »

Thomas Becket, CIO, PSigma Investment Management

Opinion: In the summertime

It could be a long summer, argues PSigma Investment Management chief investment officer Tom Becket (pictured), with the European sovereign debt crisis and the political argument over raising the US government debt ceiling still unresolved. Unless these issues are tackled decisively, not even the sterling performance of the corporate sector may be enough to sustain the fragile market recovery of the past two years… »

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