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Comment: Is Chapter 15 now a closed book for hedge funds?

Jeremy Walton, a partner in the litigation practice group at international law firm Appleby and head of the firm's fund disputes team, says the ruling by a US court on the liquidation of t »

Hedgeweek Comment: Take it easy until troubled times are over

Hedge funds are known for their active and aggressive investment strategies, but they seem to be resigned to the fact that hard-line tactics may not get them far during this turbulent peri »

Hedgeweek Comment: Hedge funds turn critical eye on prime brokers

As market participants such as hedge funds examine the ongoing global financial uncertainty, there are bound to be many casualties. »

Hedgeweek Comment: Are you Gaim?

Ever heard of the Bilderberg Group? It is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference attended mainly by leading figures in the fields of business, the media and politics. »

Hedgeweek Comment: FSA clampdown on short-selling no problem for hedge funds

The Financial Services Authority has clamped down on the lucrative practice of short-selling shares on the London market, following accusations that traders were seeking to profit from the »

Hedgeweek Commentary: Behind the hedge fund news

Efforts in the US Congress to change the tax treatment of hedge fund managers and private equity firms may have been halted last year, but they have not gone away. »

Hedgeweek Comment: Hedge funds get breather in Washington tax ordeal

Proposed legislation that would strike at the very heart of the deferred compensation enjoyed by many hedge fund managers has been resurrected on Capitol Hill. »

Hedgeweek Comment: The eternal transparency debate

Are investors happy with all aspects of the current regulatory arrangements for the alternative investment industry? As usual, some are and some are not. »

Hedgeweek Comment: Game on - hedge funds v. S&P 500

You know that hedge funds have met their ultimate test when they take a wager against the world's richest man, one whose fortune has been built upon investment strategy. »

Hedgeweek Comment: Friends or foes?

In times of uncertainly, everyone needs friends - even powerful governments and regulators. »

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