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Automated fund management

Data volumes within financial markets are exponentially increasing. For hedge fund managers, the trick is not in establishing data management processes to farm that data but having the infrastructure in place to action the data in a meaningful way. The old adage ‘quality not quantity’ has never been truer. read more

The new reality: Persistent automation for fund management

By Branden Jones, Liquid Holdings – This is the year for big data. Across Industries, firms have unprecendented amounts of both public, and private information sets – from user profiles and consumer habits, to business outputs and proprietary algorithms. But access to date, or information at large, does not guarantee a valuable yield. read more

Moving Risk into the Front Office

Risk management has become a vital weapon in the arsenal of today’s hedge fund manager. Until recently risk management was regarded as a secondary function consigned to the back-office for risk mitigation on an end-of-day or T+1 basis. Today risk is critical, and it is quickly becoming a front-office, real-time function. Moreover, rather than just using risk management to monitor exposures and assure proper diversification, forward-thinking firms today utilize risk to identify potential alpha opportunities, arming traders and portfolio managers with continuous computations which take the latest transactions into account. read more

Operational Alpha: An asset class in its own right

The hedge fund industry is a fast paced and constantly changing industry, with recent changes in investor demands and regulatory oversight forcing expenses up and fees down. As a result the industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, driven in large part by technology innovation, to meet these changing operational requirements. Within the need to meet these changes a new model is emerging in which hedge funds can generate ‘operational alpha’, a concept that is becoming equally as important to fund managers as generating performance alpha. read more

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Moving Risk to the Front Office

Transparency is just one more challenge for emerging managers. Learn how funds are moving risk into the front office, automating their day-to-day, and ensuring smarter portfolio decisions through better controls. read the white paper here


Panel discussion to provide expert advice to emerging hedge fund managers and start-ups

Hedge fund service providers Liquid Holdings Group, Marcum, and Apex Fund Services are due to present the second in a series of hedge fund events for emerging managers and start-ups. Further information available at

Critical Infrastructure: Primary Instrument to Generate Operational Alpha

This paper examines how hedge funds can right-size their infrastructure to re-allocate capital back into the front office, and ultimately, generate higher returns. download white paper

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Follow us on LinkedIn and keep up to date on our latest news and analysis on the hedge fund and active trading markets.