Hedge Fund Managed Accounts Jan 2010

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Hedgeweek Hedge Funds Manages Accounts 2010 front cover

An idea whose time has come?

 The turmoil that enveloped the hedge fund industry over the past two years as returns plummeted, investors rushed to redeem their holdings and managers stuck with illiquid holdings were force »

Richard Day MAG consulting

Building a managed account infrastructure

 Having weathered the storms that have raged across the hedge fund industry since mid-2008, many funds of hedge funds and other allocators such as private banks and endowments are looking to r »

Nathanaël Benzaken is a managing director and head of managed accounts development at Lyxor Asset Management

Managed accounts are here to stay

 An important question currently being asked among hedge fund managers and investors is whether the current shift toward use of managed accounts will make them a permanent feature of the indus »

image of a glass clad sky scraper day time

New investor needs prompt innovation among managed account providers

 The surge of demand among fund of funds managers and other institutional investors to invest in hedge funds through managed accounts is bringing a surge in new business to established platfor »

Martin Gagnon is co-chief executive of Innocap Investment Management

A different managed accounts platform

 Innocap may not have the high profile of some players in the hedge fund managed accounts sector, but it has the longest experience of any of them. »

François-Régis Bocqueraz is global head of the hedge fund selection group at Crédit Agricole Structured Asset Management

Playing to our strengths: creating value for investors

 The past 18 months have brought vindication of the approach to hedge fund investment offered by Crédit Agricole Structured Asset Management. »

Marc E. Denogent is a managing director with HFR Asset Management

A different approach to managed accounts

 The HFR Group was founded in the early 1990s by Joseph G. »

Jim Cass and Mike Leahy are managing directors in SEI’s Investment Manager Services division

An option for the new investment landscape

 Hedge fund managers are increasingly employing managed accounts instead of the fund of hedge funds model predominantly used in the past. »

Gabriel Bousbib is chief executive of Gottex Solutions Services

Innovative solutions lower investor costs

 As a fund of funds manager investing in hedge funds for more than 10 years, Gottex Fund Management currently manages more than USD8bn in assets, invested with some 100 hedge fund managers. »

Dermot Butler is chairman of Custom House Global Fund Services

Administering a managed account platform

 In the current environment, many investors are seeking to use managed accounts in order to obtain greater transparency, flexibility and liquidity, as well as receiving increased protection ag »

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