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IFRS – Essentials and New Developments

Training : IFRS – Essentials and New Developments

Tue, 21/05/2013   for 2 Days
Conducted by : Eureka Financial
Contact : Sam Baker
Duration : 2 Days
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This intensive 2 day course conducted by a former senior City banker focuses on explaining the fundamentals and most up to date requirements for IFRS reporting standards. 

You will learn about the main framework as well as more complex norms dealing with non-current assets and intangibles including property and equipment, leasing, business combinations, provisions and contingent assets.
You will also have a chance to explore the standards dealing with the disclosure and presentation of financial instruments. 
Finally the treatment of off balance items and derivatives will be explained. 
The course programme includes many real life case studies illustrating discussed material. 
Knowledge of key accounting principles, such as the structure of financial statements and common accounting terms, will be required to obtain maximum benefit from this programme.
By the end of this course you will:   
Have a clear understanding of the application of IFRS
Be able to prepare financial statements in accordance with IAS / IFRS rules
Learn about the most significant standards and interpretations that are currently applicable
Explore the latest changes and requirements
Understand the difference between GAAP to IFRS reporting standards

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Operational Risk and Internal Controls Manager - Human Resource function

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Market Risk Audit VP/SVP | Risk Management | Singapore

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