Private Equity as an Asset Class - Dubai

Conducted by : Eureka Financial
Contact : Sam Baker
Duration : 2 Days
Alternative Dates : no

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 This two day course will explain all aspects of private equity as an asset class and equip you with the most efficient and up-to-date portfolio implementation techniques. 

You will gain practical tools to analyse risks, manage due diligence process as well as evaluate and select investments.   
Finally, you will explore current market trends, which will help you assess the best ways of obtaining exposure to private equity.
Run by experienced banker who specialises in asset allocation and portfolio management this training will give you practical tools to optimise portfolio by implementing private equity as a part of your investment strategy. 
 By the end of this training you will:
Understand the nature and characteristics of private equity as an asset class
Gain all the tools to analyse and implement private equity in an investment portfolio
Understand due diligence process as well as risk management and portfolio measurement techniques
Assess different ways of obtaining exposure to this asset class
Learn how to construct the portfolio and achieve diversification
Understand current trends in the Middle East private equity sector as well as in Asia
Explore current market trends including exposure to emerging markets and what lessons can be learnt from the North American and European markets
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