Noble focuses on talented emerging hedge fund managers

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A new London-based company, Noble Asset Management (NAM), has been launched to capture the out-performance of emerging hedge fund managers.

NAM has been set up in direct response to growing demand from sophisticated investors seeking to capture the early stage out-performance often displayed by emerging managers and to provide access to future stars.

Shabir Chowdhary, MD, NAM, said:  'Whilst historically encompassing higher risk, emerging managers frequently deliver better risk adjusted returns to hedge fund investors because of their ability to capitalise on unique and often niche investment opportunities'.

Chowdhary  was previously Head of Sales & Marketing for a hedge fund platform in London and has also worked within the Prime Brokerage business of Merrill Lynch and the Equity Division of Morgan Stanley.

The objectives of the NAM business are two-fold; to provide emerging managers with a robust central operating infrastructure with proven distribution capability and to provide investors with access to high calibre investment teams whilst mitigating the operational or business risks associated with investing in emerging managers.

Shabir Chowdhary further added, 'NAM's objective is to reduce the exposure to the operational and business risks of investing with emerging managers and to become the industry benchmark for institutional strength operational platforms'.

NAM aims to provide investors with access to high calibre investment teams in a number of ways which include; direct investment, customised portfolios, structured products as well as via fund of funds vehicles.

Day-one investors for initial product launches will be comprised of a variety of fund of funds and institutional allocators that have a mandate to seed high  calibre investment opportunities as well as from a drawdown facility provided by a syndicate of family offices, an approach that provides an efficient use of capital.

A number of high calibre investment teams have been identified and thorough due diligence is currently underway with a handful of these opportunities. NAM will announce the first fund launch in the coming weeks. NAM can also assist emerging and established managers in raising capital from a variety of family
office and institutional investors.

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