CPR Private Equity renamed Crédit Agricole Asset Management Capital Investors

CPR Private Equity has changed its business name to Crédit Agricole Asset Management Capital Investors (CAAM CI).

The core business of the company - a wholly owned subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Asset Management Alternative Investments Holding (CAAM AI) - is the management of private equity fund of funds for institutional and retail investors. Formed in 1999, it then became part of the alternative multi-management arm of Crédit Agricole Asset Management Group in 2004 and at the end of 2005, took over CAAM AI's private equity business.

At the outset, CAAM CI, which now has EUR1.2 billion under management, primarily focused most of its fund of fund investments in the European venture, development capital and leveraged buyout markets. Over the past two years, it has extended its international reach and plans to continue diversifying its business scope. In addition, CAAM CI will pursue its development drive by broadening its client base, relying on the support of CAAM Group's international offices.

CAAM CI's Executive Board is chaired by Jean Daumet and the members include Antoine-Marie Bélard, Xavier Caron and Jean-Yves Lagache. The Supervisory Board is chaired by Jean-Claude Kaltenbach, chairman of CAAM AI.

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