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Aumenti Capital Management launches global equity long/short fund

Aumenti Capital Management, LLC has launched Enzo Partners LP, a global equity long/short hedge fund managed by Andrew Lydon.

Lydon is the co-founder and managing partner of Aumenti Capital Management LLC.  Stephen Vettorel is managing partner in Aumenti Capital Management LLC.

Prior to forming the Firm, Vettorel and Lydon both served as Regional Vice Presidents for Fisher Investments Inc, a USD 30 billion investment advisory firm. Prior to his position with Fisher, Lydon was Chief Investment Officer at Bull Run Capital, a Philadelphia based Hedge Fund.

Created for accredited investors and qualified clients, the new fund seeks to deliver superior absolute returns, primarily through investments in liquid US and international securities that are traded on US exchanges.

The selection process deployed in Enzo Partners combines technology, software and multiple proprietary models to identify investment opportunities that meet specific fundamental and technical parameters.  Active oversight and aggressive measures to manage risk are applied to both individual positions, and the entire portfolio.

'We believe that an actively managed, globally diverse portfolio can adjust and grow with the changing markets,' said Lydon, Aumenti's Portfolio Manager.  'Our top-down approach draws upon global macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical analysis to identify trading opportunities, with the ultimate goals of augmenting returns, preserving capital and reducing risk.'

Enzo Partners, LP is currently part of the HedgeCo Investments review program. The program is designed to discover, cultivate and mentor talented investment managers. HedgeCo Investments provides hedge fund incubation and capital introduction to select emerging funds with sound investment styles that meet specific quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Minimum investment in Enzo Partners LP is USD 250,000USD.  The Fund charges a 2% management fee, 20 % performance fee and offers bi-annual redemptions.  The Fund's prime broker is Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P, the auditor is Spicer, Jefferies, LLC, the administrator is G & S Fund Services, LLC and C. Lombardy & Associates serves as the Firm's legal counsel.

Background note: Aumenti Capital Management LLC is an investment management firm and the general partner of Enzo Partners LP.  The Firm is headquartered in Pennsylvania and has a research and trading office in New York City.  Enzo Partners LP is available to accredited private and institutional investors and qualified clients.  The Fund seeks to deliver superior absolute returns, primarily through investments in liquid US and international securities that are traded on US exchanges

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