Barchart launches commodity futures APIs

Barchart has launches several application programming interfaces (APIs) through its Barchart OnDemand service, designed to serve the commodity futures industry including agricultural, energy, metals and softs markets. 

Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering market data and information using web services. It is built upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and features the ability to easily access an extensive amount of market data and information. 
As an on-demand web service, the new APIs make access to market data easy and efficient. 
The new APIs include:
•             getWeekly_ShortDatedFuturesOptions:  Provides access to market data for weekly and short-dated agricultural futures options.
•             getFuturesSpecifications: Provides access to contract information such as symbol, contract size, tick size, trading hours, contracts traded and more.
•             getFuturesOptions: Provides price data, as well as delta, gamma, theta, vega and additional volatility data for options on futures.
•             getFuturesExpirations: Provides first notice and last trade dates for futures contracts.
•             getFuturesOptionsExpiration: Provides last trade data for options on futures contracts.
•             getLeaders: Provides access to leaderboard lists for futures contract across various categories and for different time periods.
"Barchart OnDemand started with getQuote and getHistory APIs which provide access to real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical market data.  Since then we have continued to add APIs for every type of data we carry," says Mark Haraburda, managing director at Barchart.  "In addition, we are integrating more data sets from third-parties, essentially providing them with their own cloud-based distribution model and collection of APIs.”
Barchart OnDemand APIs support both GET and POST requests, as well as SOAP, and data can be delivered in multiple formats like XML, JSON and CSV. As a web services solution, Barchart OnDemand is compatible with any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, and any programming language, such as Java, PHP or ASP.NET.

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