Pomerol Partners – Best Data Visualisation Software Provider

Pomerol Partners is a global business intelligence consulting firm that specialises in advanced data visualisations. The firm builds business toolsets, such as dashboards, to help senior executives make informed decisions. While it sounds straightforward, the financial services industry faces such complexity and fragmentation of data that getting a clear picture of what is driving profits up (or down) is nearly impossible. 

The data architecture in many global sell-side institutions relies on technology that creates a silo-based approach to data management, as opposed to collaborating with other areas of the business that can lead to unexpected insights. 

“The key aspect of what we do is understand and locate the rich data sets across the enterprise,” says David van Rooyen (pictured), co-founder of Pomerol Partners. “Allowing our clients to visualise their data end-to-end, as if on a whiteboard, helps them better understand all the levers that are involved in driving their business results.”

In many organisations, data sources tend to be siloed, stored in different formats, scattered across locations, and exposed through varying access mechanisms. More importantly, the inability to leverage a full suite of data sources leads to multiple versions of the truth, causing further distrust of the data. Pomerol Partners drives Fortune 500 companies to turn their stagnant data silos into a high-speed data highway by partnering with Lavastorm Analytics, a leading agile data management and analytics software company. 

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine enables users to easily bring together new data sources, ensure the quality of the data, and increase the transparency of work. 

“Our clients are seeing a real return in value for what we are doing, especially around shining a light on their data and making the whole data process more transparent and agile to the business user,” says van Rooyen. 

From a financial services industry perspective, Big Data solutions are still in their infancy. “The adoption of Big Data”, says van Rooyen, “is going to be a combination of two things: firstly, a cultural change and secondly, the agility of technology used to take the stride forward.”

“This is exactly why we are aligned with the latest technologies like Lavastorm – to produce an optimal Big Data solution for our clients and solve their analytic challenges. There is a clear need for what we call ‘Agile ETL’, or a more efficient and auditable mechanism for transforming and enriching data to ultimately visualising it. The Agile ETL approach has been received with a great deal of enthusiasm among clients. It gives them visibility into an environment that would ordinarily be a black box, operated solely by the IT team,” explains van Rooyen. “A big step in the right direction to alleviate the problem of fragmentation is to show decision makers their own data in a far better and simpler way.”

For one sell-side client, Pomerol has built a price planning application, such that the end-user is able to run scenario planning analysis and price adjustments to the lowest degree of change, and immediately see what the resulting revenue will be. 

“Working together with the business stakeholders, we are able to move beyond just looking at the data and build real business tools and mechanisms that provide data and insights in a way that business departments have never seen before,” states van Rooyen.

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