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The Portfolio Amalfi™ platform by Nedelma Inc. offers multi-asset, multi-language, multi-currency dynamic reporting and data visualisation, as well as analytical capabilities to the asset management industry. The platform also offers data aggregation tools, portfolio management solutions and a calculation engine. Users can analyse and view data from multiple perspectives using a combination of attributes, formulas and values, with extensive options for dynamic customisation. 

Nedelma also has an online investor document repository with document approval workflow and interactive reporting. 

"Everybody in the financial industry cares about four factors – improving performance, increasing transparency, raising assets and reducing costs. Our products help business users achieve those goals with quick integration and minimal input required from the user's technology team," says Managing Director, Jeff Strauss. 

Portfolio Amalfi" seamlessly aggregates P&L, risk, exposures, third party and in-house data making it available across numerous devices including desktops, iPads and other mobile devices. Anyone using the software – whether it's the CFO, CIO, portfolio manager, or operations team can work remotely without having to rely on others to complete important tasks. 

Nedelma's CEO, Michael Medvinsky (pictured) confirms that one main area of focus has been making enhancements to its iPad application on the back of recent Apple security developments. Apple security requirements are becoming stricter for companies that provide Apple certified products. "We constantly focus on delivering highly secure products. This gives our clients a lot of confidence and reassurance, when using Portfolio Amalfi. Their fund data is well protected even if they lose or misplace their iPad," says Medvinsky.

Both Strauss and Medvinsky held senior positions at Goldman Sachs and are applying that expertise to enhance Nedelma's products. They point out that Portfolio Amalfi can be used to access fund data anytime, anywhere and to analyse portfolios across sectors, geographies and other attributes, which is a powerful proposition for fund managers, especially those who are raising assets. 

If you are trying to raise assets in Asia, for example, Portfolio Amalfi enables you to share fund information with investors in their local language, e.g. Japanese. It also empowers users to provide multi-currency results. Portfolio Amalfi provides track records, the fund's performance over a user defined period and other valuable investor focused information and outputs. 

"The information you see on your desktop can be fully replicated on the iPad. This gives the user flexibility in how they look at the portfolio and the ability to generate customised on the fly reports. It really helps improve business efficiency and reduces demand on IT teams," says Medvinsky.

What makes Portfolio Amalfi particularly important is the ability to enhance the relationship with existing and potential investors. An investor relations team generally presents a snapshot of the fund's performance to a cornerstone investor using Powerpoint. The information is static, making it difficult to provide investors with answers dynamically, such as "What's the fund's exposure in Latin American telecom stocks?"

"With Portfolio Amalfi, you can also connect your iPad to a projector at an investor's office and during the presentation discuss the fund and manipulate and present the data precisely in response to the investor's questions. This achieves two important goals: you give the investor an immediate answer and you make the investor comfortable and impressed that you have their information at your fingertips," says Strauss.

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