Rising alternative funds sustain Swiss-Asia growth despite global economic slowdown

Steve Knabl, Swiss-Asia Financial Services

Swiss-Asia Financial Services, a provider of dedicated incubation services to hedge funds, reports that rising alternative funds incubated on the platform have sustained growth despite global economic slowdown.

Steve Knabl (pictured), chief operating officer and managing partner at Swiss-Asia Financial Services, says: “Although Asia hedge funds are opening at a slower pace, the selective outperforming funds operating on the Swiss-Asia platform are facing a steady upwards growth trajectory. By cushioning high operating fees, we want to continuously provide entrepreneurial finance professionals with the best possible independent fund management platform that positions them for long term success.”
When Credence Global first joined Swiss-Asia’s platform to cut rising costs, its AUM was USD100 million. By end September, it reached USD248 million.
“I was confident that Swiss-Asia could deliver institutional grade management across the board and subsequently, grow the assets of the Credence fund,” says portfolio manager Ruhong Huang. “They are also the first fund platform to host Cap-Intro events in Singapore and Hong Kong, which helps increase our investor outreach.”
At the start of 2016, Prulev Global Macro had USD49 million in assets under management. Since then, it has been advancing throughout the year, participating in both of Swiss-Asia’s Cap-Intro events in Singapore and Hong Kong. Now, the USD81 million fund managed by Norman Tang and August Li has been reporting steady returns.
Fund Manager Norman Tang says: “Prulev Global Macro’s objective is to achieve capital appreciation via a panoramic, geographically diversified and risk-tolerant portfolio. Since joining Swiss-Asia, we have been greatly aided by the professional infrastructure and support. This allowed us to better concentrate on managing our portfolio of equities, fixed income and commodities asset classes in global markets.”

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