ACOLIN launches fintech subsidiary

ACOLIN has merged its IT, data and web support activities in a new subsidiary – ACOLIN InfoTech.

The new subsidiary will provide ACOLIN customers with future-oriented services in the field of international fund distribution.
For asset managers with an international alignment, access to investors is becoming increasingly difficult, more complex and more expensive. New regulations – for example MiFID II in the EU or the forthcoming FIDLEG in Switzerland – usually bring about new obstacles for international sales.
While target investors are still able to choose from a broad range of products, the latter is getting more and more narrow the tighter the tangle of regulations becomes.
Through the active use of new web-based and digital technologies, ACOLIN aims to counteract this trend and provide its partners with fast and direct access to professional customers.
ACOLIN InfoTech plans to cooperate closely with existing and new technology providers and with their customers other.
Asset managers will benefit from reduced distribution costs and thereby continue to sell their products internationally to different groups of investors. Investors can better and more transparent information, lower product costs and a wide product range. 

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