AI manager Manifold to offer equities via Hydra

Manifold Partners is to become the first firm to offer its equity strategies to investors through Kettera Strategies’ Hydra, a managed account marketplace for macro, commodities and liquid equity hedge fund strategies.

Manifold Partners is an investment firm specialising in scientific forecasting of securities prices and having nearly USD1 billion in assets under management and/or supervision. Wall Street veterans, Donald H Putnam and James A Creighton continue to develop cutting edge systems at Manifold Partners by using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop and combine securities price expectations.
“We are excited to be breaking new ground with the team at Kettera,” says Putnam, Manifold Partners Chairman. “Their Hydra marketplace is a flexible and resilient platform for leading equity strategies.”
“We are delighted to welcome Manifold Partners’ strategy to Hydra,” says Terri Engelman Rhoads (pictured), Kettera’s President. “Investors will access hedge fund equity strategies through the robust Hydra platform. This is an exciting new growth area for Hydra.”
Putnam founded Manifold Partners in 2013. Prior to Manifold, Putnam founded Grail Partners in 2005, where he is Managing Partner. In 1987, he founded Putnam Lovell Securities and served as CEO. He was also Executive Vice President and division President of SEI, founder and President of SEI Financial Services Company, and founder and President of its mutual funds.
On Hydra, Manifold will offer seven country/region portfolios: AU, US, CA, EU, JP, HK, and UK. Each country portfolio employs multiple quantitative techniques to extrapolate price movements. James A. Creighton is Chief Investment Officer at Manifold Partners.
Hydra’s “Global Hedge Strategies” arm is an expansion of the Hydra marketplace, which has distinguished itself in the macro/managed futures space by providing investors with daily transparency, intra-month liquidity and notional funding capabilities. “Our expansion into equity hedge fund strategies is a natural continuation of our long-term mission,” says Jon Stein, Kettera’s CEO.