Triple Alpha aiming to broaden access to hedge fund-style trading algorithms

Triple Alpha, which is built on unique trading algorithms previously available only to hedge fund clients, is to launch an ICO and create a capital fund.

The company says that an algorithm for picking the best stocks combined with a unique market-neutral strategy will aim to provide investors with returns significantly higher than the market not only when the market is growing steadily, but also during financial crises.
Thanks to the use of an exchange-traded fund (ETF), investors around the world will be able to access Triple Alpha algorithms, regardless of the amount they are going to invest.
"Asset management is one of the biggest industries in the global economy, with assets under management totalling USD64 trillion. Moreover, hedge funds, which are currently the most profitable 'traditional' investment products, have obvious shortcomings,” says Ilya Filippov, Triple Alpha's co-founder, and CEO. “Apart from millions of dollars of the minimum required investment, there is a complete lack of transparency when it comes to forming and managing the investment portfolio. Also hedge fund fees can reach up to 30 per cent. These factors severely limit the potential audience for these financial products.
“Triple Alpha intends to eliminate the main obstacles that prevent private investors anywhere from accessing the asset management industry. The Triple Alpha fund will make the best investing technologies broadly available, which rely on excellent machine learning algorithms and big data analytics.
“The extremely high returns on investments in crypto-assets are subject to the huge volatility of the nascent market while existing instruments for investing in stocks have serious limitations and poor transparency. Triple Alpha is revolutionising the international asset management market, creating a niche with a small minimum investment (from USD100) and returns far above 10 per cent per annum.”
Due to legal requirements, a hedge fund is unable to have the broad circle of investors envisioned by Triple Alpha. As part of the ICO, which will begin on 17 December  2018, Triple Alpha plans to issue TRIA infrastructure tokens for a total of USD10 million. The company's pre-ICO begins on 17 November 2017.
The proceeds will be used to establish and structure the ETF, conduct marketing, gather data for additional machine learning, and improve the trading algorithm. TRIA will be available to purchase using ETH, BTC, DASH, or LTC on Triple Alpha's official website.
The fund's net cash flow will be used to buy tokens on a first-come, first-served basis. The token's issue price will be fixed at USD2.