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Toni Pinkerton, Paget-Brown

Paget-Brown goes live with FundCount's accounting and reporting software

Cayman Island’s based Paget-Brown Trust Company has implemented FundCount software to support its expanding fund administration business.

Paget-Brown is using FundCount for the accounting and reporting of its investment fund clients. Automated processes for calculation of net asset value (NAV), general ledger reporting, fees and other financial data enable Paget-Brown to manage investments with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. 
FundCount replaced a time-consuming manual operation that was a hindrance to growth. By integrating all accounting, general ledger functionality and reporting on a single platform, Paget-Brown has realised significant improvements in workflow allowing the team to shorten delivery timelines for clients and freeing resources to take on new business.
"Efficiency and customer service are critical for success in our industry," says Toni Pinkerton (pictured), Chief Executive Officer and Director of Paget-Brown. "FundCount has delivered on both fronts. It provides a flexible solution that will scale for growth and offers full control over reporting so we can pivot quickly to customise reports for each client."
In addition to robust functionality and expansive fund administration reporting, Paget-Brown selected FundCount software for the ease of implementation and the company's expert customer support.
"The collaborative effort between our firms resulted in a successful implementation that met Paget-Brown's aggressive one-month go-live timeframe and tight budget," says Alex Ivanov, CEO and founder of FundCount. "Now that Paget-Brown is fully operational on FundCount, they have the accounting and reporting foundation needed to support current and future business."

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