Caspian Crypto Trading Platform adds to advisory board

BlockTower Capital co-founder Ari Paul (pictured), has been appointed to the advisory board of Caspian, an institutional-grade crypto trading platform.

Caspian now connects to more than 25 exchanges and has 12 funds on its beta platform, with eight more clients expected later this month. The company will also be adding its first Over The Counter (OTC) desk as a destination later this month.
Caspian has also announced that it is allowing for a defined composite order book that aggregates and displays liquidity from more than 20 exchanges with the ability to trade against it using the Caspian Smart Order Router (SOR).  
Paul, whose BlockTower cryptocurrency investment firm is becoming a strategic partner to Caspian, says: “Until now, cryptocurrency has mostly been limited to individual investors. Caspian provides tools that make it far easier for institutions to trade cryptocurrency and manage risk. I’m excited for the increasing institutional participation in cryptocurrency trading and investing that will be facilitated by tools like Caspian.”
“Caspian is an important part of the infrastructure necessary to usher in institutional participation in cryptocurrency. I’m excited to see the infrastructure being built that will support institutional participation in cryptocurrency markets.”
Paul, the former portfolio manager for the University of Chicago's USD8 billion endowment, founded BlockTower with Matthew Goetz, an engineer who worked in investment management at Goldman Sachs for 11 years.
Caspian’s multi-asset trading platform has been designed to meet the needs of institutional investors who are implementing a diverse crypto-currency strategy that currently requires them to execute trades and maintain target allocations across many exchanges.
Caspian provides investors with a comprehensive Order and Execution Management System, Portfolio Management System, and Risk Management System, backed by customer support.
Robert Dykes, CEO of Caspian, adds: “We are very pleased to welcome Ari to the team of advisors as we build the leading full-stack crypto trading platform for institutional investors and sophisticated traders.”
“He brings a wealth of highly relevant experience to Caspian and I am really looking forward to working with him as we move into the next stage of our project.”